10 Reasons Why A Visit To Japan Is A Great Idea

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More and more people are visiting Japan every year. Combining beautiful natural landscapes and ancient culture, as well as striking modernity, the Asian nation is attracting tourists from all over the world. Here are the 10 reasons why so many people dream to make a visit to Japan.


1. Shopping and city adventures

Tourists walking in front of a large mall in Japan


Shopping in Japan is something different. Shibuya is one of the most famous places in Tokyo Japan, exactly because of the shopping. Next to luxury brands, there are multi-storey shopping centers where you can buy all kinds of crazy things. Akihabara is another famous district in Tokyo which is known for its electronics.


2. Festivals

Japanese girls in pink and white dancing at one of their big festivals



The festivals in Japan are very unique and they are so many, that you will be surprised. From the snow and ice show to the spring sakura festival and the traditional celebrations in the shrines, Japan is all about the festivals! If you want a memorable experience, visit some of the most beautiful places in Japan in spring and enjoy the sakura blossoms.


3. Tech Heaven

White Robot at the streets of Japan holding menu


Japan is all about technology from the toilets to the game rooms in the big cities. In this country, you can see the latest development in robotics and also the fastest trains.


4. Castles and temples

Beautiful temple in Japan in green and gold with pink blossom trees around it


Japan has both big Buddhist temples and charming Shinto shrines dedicated to animal gods. There are also castles, that you shouldn’t miss. One of the most famous castles is the one in Osaka. The best time to visit Osaka and its castle is in spring or autumn.


5. Bullet Train

Japan bullet train in green and white at a station


One of the reasons to visit Japan is to ride the bullet train Shinkansen. It goes with the speed of a rocket with 300 km/h and the feeling is amazing. This train is the most cost-effective way to experience Japan.


6. Japanese Food

Japanese food - noodles in a plate and tea


Japanese food is like no other. It is big, crazy, healthy and tasty! There is a lot of good quality beer in Japan too, so don’t miss on trying it.


7. Manga and Anime

real girl with manga costume, pink hair and large sword


Japan is a dream for all manga and anime fans. The multi-level book stores in the big cities are the best and if you are a fan, you shouldn’t miss them.


8. Tea ceremony

Japanese girl in traditional clothes doing Tea ceremony


The tea ceremony is an ancient tradition in Japan that attracts people from all over the world. It is like an Art and has turned into a symbol of the country.


9. Architecture

Interesting Japanese building in red with modern architecture and black roof


Japan has a lot to offer to anyone interested in architecture. From its castles and shrines to the tall, glass skyscrapers, there is definitely a lot to explore.


10. Origami and ancient traditions

Japanese Origami orange bull with pink paper man playing with whistle


The paper art that turns a plain piece of paper into a beautiful crane or a water lily is famous all over the world. The Origami is an ancient tradition in Japan which charms everyone with its delicate creations.
These are only some of the reasons why you should visit Japan. However, it is a good idea to plan your trip ahead, to know what you want to see and make the most of your journey. This country has so much to offer, don’t miss it out!


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