Less Known Christmas Bazaars Around the World

The Best World's Christmas Markets

Every year the Christmas bazaars around the world bring magic to the holiday season. The crisp air fills with delicious smells of mulled wine and gingerbread and the atmosphere becomes happy and festive. Fir trees adorn little and big squares sparkling in billion fairy lights and decorated with beautiful ornaments.

It is exactly this atmosphere charged with carols, laughter and masses that make Christmas even more special.
Visiting a Christmas bazaar is a great way to get yourself in the spirit of the season. And while there are many big and famous Christmas bazaars around the world, there are also local ones that are less famous but definitely worth visiting.

Here is a list of some of the less known bazaars to look out for.


Nuremberg Christmas Market

Christmas bazaars around the world local markets Nuremberg Christmas Market cathedral and square

Crowd of people at the Nuremberg Christmas market at night Christmas stands city cathedral

Nuremberg central square cathedral christmas bazaar stands people at night



Germany is famous for the local Christmas bazaars. Some of the biggest and most popular among them are those in Cologne, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. The Nuremberg Christmas market is big but not as famous as all the rest. The best time to visit is in the evening when all the lights and decorations glitter. Don’t miss the opening ceremony which is a beautiful mixture of tradition and modern pomp. There are nearly 200 stalls selling trees, decorations, craft, toys and delicious treats. Make sure to also taste the local mulled wine and gingerbread.


Strasbourg Christmas Market

Strasbourg Christmas Market small streets festive atmosphere christmas lights and trees typical houses

Christmas stands cobbled street people shopping christmas items

Strasbourg building decorated with teddy bears and christmas lights


The French city of Strasbourg is a place you cannot help but fall in love with. It is the point where coziness and finesse meet and the result is simply charming. The city has called itself the capital of Christmas and there is a reason why. Although there are Christmas shops year-round, in December Strasbourg transforms into one huge, magical Christmas holiday bazaar. Don’t forget to snack on freshly baked pretzels and sausages and try the local sweet wine.


Toronto Christmas Market

 Toronto Christmas Market small stands christmas tree close up and fairy lights above the street

Woman in winter clothes taking a picture on her phone of Toronto Christmas bazaar

Large christmas tree in a square in Toronto city lantern festive lights


Although this is quite a new Christmas craft bazaar, it is definitely worth visiting. It is happening for a little more than 10 years, but it is one of the biggest in North America. The market is located in the old part of the town and offers plenty of entertainment. And of course, there is a huge, dazzling Christmas tree which picture-perfect.


Bruges Christmas Market

Bruges Christmas Market wooden pavilions with Christmas items and trees decorated with blue lights

Bruges square traditional buildings Christmas lights ice skating ring

Bruges Christmas Market at night people shopping


The tiny but charming city of Bruges in Belgium features not one, but two beautiful Christmas markets. This makes it even more irresistible. The atmosphere is very cosy with open fire and shops windows that look like a fairytale. The Flemish houses are adorned with twinkling lights that make it all look even more delightful. Here you can taste the best hot chocolate in the world, so don’t miss on that.


Innsbruck Christmas Market

Innsbruck Christmas Market town square with a large christmas tree and mountain view behind the buildings

Innsbruck Christmas Market view from the river tall christmas tree at night

Innsbruck Christmas bazaar at night river view mountain tops large christmas outdoor tree


Innsbruck is probably the perfect spot for a Christmas market. It is nestled among snow-capped mountains and has an undeniable charm. In December this town transforms into a real winter fairytale with the sound of traditional carols and the aroma of freshly baked sweets in the air. The Christmas market in Innsbruck is bright, charming and joyful and can be enjoyed even more with a mug of mulled wine.

Europe is the best place to see some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world. When the roads get icy the best way to do this is by train. We hope the pictures of these gorgeous markets are enough to put you in the mood for holidays. But if they’re not then you can get a rail pass and enjoy the fairytale landscapes and bazaars across the continent in person!


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