Tips and Tricks for Transforming your Home for Halloween

Halloween spider decor ideas

With October coming to a close, we now enter the season of holidays. This year we are not travelling as much and throwing as many parties as usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore it is more important than ever to invite the spirit of celebration into our homes. Why not transforming your home for Halloween? Here are some tricks anyone can do.



Giant spider web at the exterior of a home with bats and a big black spider

Are you looking for spine-chilling ways of transforming your home for Halloween? If so, consider hanging spooky spiders on top of and inside your home.


Halloween decor ideas front porch giant black spider and a spider web candles and pumpkins


Transforming your home for Halloween two giant black spiders in a modern interior on a vintage fireplace


Just buy some foam tube, stem wire, faux fur fabric, zip ties, foam half balls and half-sphere wire globes. Then you can make your Halloween craft within 60 min by following some of the tutorials on the web.



Halloween window decor idea spooky black clown with a balloon


If you would like to create your DIY haunted house decorations, then start with boarding up your windows. As simple as this detail might seem, it will certainly put the haunting level over the top.

Transforming your Home for Halloween spooky window decor old curtains and a skull


Cardboard window monsters can also be great homemade haunted house props. On the one hand, they look quite friendly during the day. On the other hand, they can set the tone for a spooky experience during the night. In order to make the monsters’ bodies, you will need cardboard, duct tape and black paint. Next, you can make the eyes by using tissue and contact paper, as well as mod podge.


Halloween decor ideas fake outdoor fire baskets on a grass lawn with words on them


If you have access to baskets, fans, LEDs and inexpensive silk “flames”, you can also make fake fire baskets.


Halloween decor ideas entryway skulls two baskets with tall skull decor and ravens


Other home accents Halloween that can send a chill down the spine include vertical trap doors and entryway skulls.


Halloween red lipstick creepy message on the toilet seat


If you choose to throw a Halloween party, consider writing a red lipstick creepy message on the toilet seat.

Halloween outdoor ideas white pumpkin heads white dresses ghosts on a lawn

Outdoor Halloween decor ghosts made of chicken wire

Making creepy lifelike ghosts out of chicken wire can be another way of transforming your home for Halloween. If you don’t have enough time, you can also just hang a white sheet instead. If you want to add a touch of creepiness to your home’s interior, pick up a bunch of destroyed dolls. Then hang them from the ceiling and add some weapons and blood galore.


Halloween candle decor ideas indoors grey hanging electric candles


You can also add some Halloween ambience to your home by floating a few candles in mid-air.

scary jack-o’lanterns archways halloween ideas big orange carved pumpkins on a doorway

scary jack-o’lanterns giant archway front porch Halloween decor


Other haunted house props include making scary jack-o’lanterns archways by using a PVC pipe.

Gorgeous gall and halloween door decor garland and wreath foliage and fall fruits and veggies

halloween decoration ideas spiderweb doormat little grave and a skull

Last, but not least we would also suggest that you consider creating your own spiderweb doormat. While there might be more popular haunted house decorations, this one is one of the easiest to make. You can grab a basic black rug and use white fabric paint in order to turn it into a spiderweb.

As you can see, there are so many décor ideas for transforming your home for Halloween. So, it is time to set your creativity free and celebrate life even in the midst of uncertain times.


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