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The Great Resignation and its Impact on Modern Culture


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a dramatic shift in how we work. In this article, we want to explore together the Great Resignation trend and how it has impacted our modern culture.


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What Is the Great Resignation?

Because of the pandemic, a lot of people have switched to working remotely. On the one hand, this has led to a rise in flexibility. On the other hand, it also gave employees space to rethink what is important to them.

People started reflecting on their work-life balance, career satisfaction levels, and long-term goals. As a result of this, the rate of resignations around the globe has increased significantly.



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What Are the Reasons for the Big Resignation Trend?

It is no secret that there are big differences between generations. For example, millennials and Gen Z find it place more importance on a work-life balance and having control over the work schedule. They prioritize learning new skills over stability and do not always manage to feel engaged with work. These are some of the reasons why these employees are more eager to switch jobs.


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Another reason for the great resignation trend is the increased feeling of burnout. Working longer hours than you would like to, as well as not knowing how to create a balance between your personal and professional roles can easily leave you mentally exhausted.


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Next, some people quit their jobs in order to be able to work remotely permanently. Others struggle to integrate within a company because of the limitations of virtual onboarding and communication with colleagues.


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How Has the Great Job Resignation Impacted the Business Community?

The Great Resignation has definitely turned into an HR nightmare. It is getting harder and harder for companies to manage retention rates and ensure organizational memory. So, to respond effectively, HR and management need to understand employees’ motifs and meet their needs.


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Value shifts and a quest for new adventures are two of the factors that contribute to employees quitting their jobs. In this regard, it will be helpful to give people the freedom to choose whether to return to the office or not. Another interesting suggestion is to reach out to the former employee one year after they have left. It might turn out that they are eager to go back.


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What Is the Best Way to Quit a Job?

If you want to quit your job, make sure you do that properly. A good way to resign from a job includes making sure you really want to do that, weighing your options, giving adequate notice, and asking for a reference. We also encourage you to return company property and support the process of training your replacement.


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To sum up, the Great Resignation has significantly impacted our modern culture. Instead of being fearful or complaining about it, it is useful to make sure we resign ethically as employees and improve working conditions as employers.


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