Jack and the Devil

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Jack and the Devil  halloween pumpkin

According to legend, the pumpkin Halloween is associated with the story of a peasant named Jack who was smith or also called pinched Jack. The pumpkin lantern is named after him –  jack-o-lantern.

Jack lived in an Irish village for many, many years. All knew him as a drunkard, trickster and rogue who could outwit even the Devil himself. Since the devil has ears everywhere, he found out about Jack and decided to see whether he is so clever.

One late night Jack was returning home through the field, drunk as ever. As he dragged on the road, suddenly tripped on something. Looked it on the moonlight, and it turned out that it was a human body with a terrible ghastly grimace on his face. It was the devil himself. Jack instantly sober enough to fear that this is his last time that the devil has come to take the wicked soul of Jack.

Jack started talking before the Devil even said a word – he offered a deal – to give him his soul in exchange for one last drink at the local pub. The deal looks good and the Devil agreed, even said he would draw. He wanted to see how Jack will get out of this situation.

In the inn Jack swallowed a huge amount of beer as the last. When it had to be paid, the Devil wondered how to make money. Jack exclaimed:


– You’re the devil! Why not become a silver coin? This will pay for the beer, then will regain form.

Jack managed to convince the Devil. However, when he transformed, Jack quickly took the coin and put it in his pocket. There was a small crucifix and devil lost all his powers – could no longer regain form. Devil prayed Jack to let him go but he told him that he would do this only if he gave Jack ten more years of life. Humiliated, the Devil agreed.

The devil from halloween legend

Ten years passed just like Jack’s beer glasses passed one after another. Devil found him again and he had already decided to take him to hell. Jack seemed resigned, but again had a last wish – an apple from a tree. But he could not climb up and asked the Devil to do it. At the moment the Devil climbed Jack stuck in the ground under the tree a few crucifixes and Devil for the second time was in a trap. Jack said that he would let him go if the Devil promise never to take his soul to hell. The Devil was angry but had no choice and agreed.

Years passed. Here came supreme hour of Jack. He went to the door of Heaven but St. Peter would not let him inside – crook, drunkard and absolute sinner has no place there. Desperate, Jack went to the gates of Hell. There, however, the Devil said back – promise was a promise he could not take his soul. However, the Devil took pity on him and gave Jack a burning coal. Jack put it in a hollow turnip – his favorite food when he was alive.

Since the end of the world, Jack is doomed to wander into nothingness, nor in heaven or in hell, between good and evil, with only a hollow turnip for light.

This legend probably gave the name of lanterns made ​​from large vegetables – turnips initially, and later – pumpkins. Their symbolism is to frighten evil spirits that go into Halloween. Anyone who leaves home must bear this lantern, and hung one in front of his house, lest evil forces come inside. However, if one comes, comes the bribe her with sweets – trick or treat.

For those who haven’t made any costumes yet, here is a good idea how to show creativity and make it yourself.


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Halloween party


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Elegant Halloween CupcakesHappy Halloween.


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