Endangered Animal Species

Sad Orangutan in the zoo



It is sad to admit it but time is running out for some species on the planet. Human beings have turned into the greatest threat to the survival of rare species through initiating and supporting habitat destruction and climate change.



We have compiled a list of species which are in most need of help and protection.

1. Leopards




Amur Leopards have been classified as critically endangered since 1996. Today there are less than 70 leopards of this kind on the planet.




This animal species is killed and hunted for its fur, its habitat is being destroyed for agricultural practices and human settlement.


2. Gorillas



Two species of gorillas made it to our vulnerable animals list – Mountain Gorillas and Cross River Gorillas.



There are currently only 900 Mountain Gorillas and 200 cross River Gorillas in the wild.

3. Sea Turtles



The Leatherback and Hawksbill turtle are among the most vulnerable species on the planet.



Large part of their population has been lost in the past 10 years. The Leatherback turtle is classified as vulnerable, while the Hawksbill turtle is critically endangered.


4. Orangutan



Another animal classified as critically endangered is the Sumatran Orangutan. There are a little more than 6000 species left on Earth, but they are under great pressure.




In the last 75 years the population of orangutans has decreased with 80% as a result of mass deforestation.


5. Sumatran Elephant



The Sumatran elephant is also an endangered species with 2000 individuals left on Earth.



An astonishing 70% of its natural habitat is lost to agriculture, deforestation for palm oil plantations and human settlements.


6. Tiger



The tiger is one of the most vulnerable animals and likely to become the rarest animal in the world one day in the near future. It is a strong and fast predator, but has been hunted for its beautiful fur with distinctive pattern.



There are nine tiger subspecies and three of them are already close to extinction, many are endangered and some of them like the Sumatran Tiger and the South China Tiger face the biggest threat to their survival.


7. Rhinos



If we think about the future rarest animal in the world, that must be the Rhino. Three of the five species of Rhinos are almost extinct – Java Rhino and Black Rhino, as well as the Sumatran Rhino. Among them the Java Rhino is the most endangered with only 60 surviving animals in the National Park in Indonesia.



Without the conservation and protection efforts of many organizations some of these beautiful animals would have been disappeared completely by now. However, if we want to save them, we need global efforts and decisions to revert this trend.


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