Destinations that will Change Your Life

Traveler walking along road to Htilominlo temple in Bagan. Burma



Are you bored of the usual resorts, overbuild and crowded with tourists? Have your spiritual needs changed and are you looking for different type of tourism or independent travel? We’ve got you covered, because the destinations we have selected for you will change your life for the better.




There are moments in life when you go on a journey to get a different point of view on life. For example a spiritual road trip after a break-up or divorce, a cultural tour for the mind and senses. We call these Epiphany trips. The point of these journeys is a change on a deep level.


Here is a selection of destinations that will reignite your passion for life, but will also make you appreciate this wonderful world that we live in.


Holi Festival, India



This trip will redefine spirituality for you. Holi is the Hindu festival of light which takes place in spring in the Indian temple towns of Vrindavan and Mathura.




In recent years the festival gained enormous popularity around the world with its wealth of powdery, colorful rainbows.




However, there is no better place to experience it than its home country India. People come here to embrace the spirit of peace and forgiveness and to experience the bliss.


The Ring Road, Iceland



If you are looking for a thrill that will take your breath away, Iceland is the place to go.






From the splendid Northern Lights to epic waterfalls, extreme glacier hikes and eclectic cuisine, this country is unlike any other you have seen before. The land of ice and fire, as they call it, is offering you a truly life changing experience.


Cape Town, South Africa



Cape Town is so much more than luxury hotels and resorts. There you will experience a unique mix of cuisines, cultures and landscapes.






This place deserves the top spot on your travel list of life-changing experiences.





Kenya will teach you so much about diversity and what it means to be open minded. The Maasai people are a symbol of love and family, values which have shifted quite a lot in our modern reality.




Their willingness to accept everyone and the way they cherish the beauty of Nature and their own country is amazing. No matter what are the thoughts you enter this country with, you will leave with nothing but gratitude.





Myanmar will take you back in time. The country will swipe you off your feet with its culture and history. Ancient temples are scattered across the land and the quiet Buddhist approach to life will give you the peace you are looking for. Many people say that Myanmar brought peace back into their lives.








This place will make you appreciate life like never before. Here people live in harmony, side by side regardless of background and religion.

Our world is full of wonders waiting to be discovered. When you learn about other cultures and traditions, you are enriching yourself, broadening your views, learning a lot about others and yourself too. So, pick one of these destinations, pack your bag and get ready for a life-changing trip.


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