Try Out Those Impressive Photo Wall Ideas

Photo Wall Ideas Neutral Look

Looking for inspiring Photo Wall Ideas? You are at the right place. Gallery walls or photo walls are a décor trend that stands the test of time and there is a good reason why.

Simple, stylish and powerful, the photo walls are a great way to add character to any space. Whether you are displaying wedding photos in living room or trying to fill up a large empty wall at home, the gallery walls are here for you.

If you are thinking of creating a photo wall but are short of inspiration, here are some cute photo wall ideas that will inspire you.


Photo Wall Ideas for Corners

Cool Photo Wall Ideas Corner Gallery Wall Black and white stylish arrangement

Photo wall ideas for corners black and gold



Do you have a boring corner that could use some art? Wrapping a gallery wall around a corner is one of our favorite photo wall ideas. Corners give you amazing opportunities to display your favorite photos or to hang some drawings.


Photo wall ideas for corner black and white design decor trends

Unique photo wall idea corner photography

These will add dimension and interest to any tight area.


Photo Wall Ideas Organized Chaos

Photo wall ideas organized chaos colorful drawings photos boho style

Beautiful photo wall organized chaos drawings black and white wood


Photo walls may look and feel messy, but you can keep things tidy and neat while still getting the Wow-effect. Try lining your display up at the bottom, or make a square or rectangle and fill it in edge to edge.


amazing photo wall entire wall photos

organized chaos photo wall ideas black and white gallery wall living room

Cool photo wall idea organized chaos small pictures white frames


An exposed brick wall offers a great opportunity for an amazing photo wall. If you are going for a stylish look hang clean-lined, black and white frames in a tight formation on the wall and add a handful of artsy accents to finish the look.


Photo Wall Ideas Neutral Look

neutral look photo wall stylish white frames elegant gallery wall

cool photo wall bedroom elegant stylish white wall cute bedroom

Neutral look elegant stylish photo wall living room cozy home decor trends white and beige interior


Staying neutral is among the most popular bedroom photo wall ideas. To prevent gallery wall overload stick with an all-neutral theme or choose bedroom colour combinations photos.


woman hanging a picture on a shelf living room design idea

Neutral look black white and grey photo wall shelves photo frames living room design trend


The look works great no matter the arrangement you go with. Simple drawings and retro maps make a big impact within a natural palette. This is the way to bring your gallery wall to a whole new level of sophistication.


Photo Wall Ideas Liven up Unexpected Spots

photo wall ideas unexpected spots unique photo wall

liven up unexpected spots small photo wall shelves framed pictures

bathroom photo wall stylish bathroom design framed drawings pictures


There are so many forgotten spaces around the house like hallways, staircase walls and bathrooms. All of these are perfect for a gallery wall. It is so easy to go simple with just one or two pieces of art in these spots, but if you dare to try something more exciting you will see these areas come to life. A long hallway wall offers a ton of opportunities for decorating.


Photo Wall Ideas Vertical Groupings

Photo Wall Ideas abstract colorful art vertical groupings boho design


Most often, photo walls spread out wide, but vertical groupings have a certain modern touch to them. They feel unexpected but super elegant. Plus, filling a wall top to bottom will visually extend it and make space look more spacious. A big blank wall is a perfect place to play with tones and textures in the artwork.


vertical grouping stylish photo wall design photo wall ideas design inspiration


Are you dreaming of a photo wall, but you cannot find the inspiration or motivation to create it? Look at these beautiful photo wall ideas and use your imagination for your own creative project at home.


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