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Retro Touch in Interior Design Inspiration

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Today we introduce you to three of the most important furnishing styles.

A touch of retro



The retro style dates back to the 50s and 60s. The strong colors of this style put the home accessories in the foreground. As well as the pastel tones, as well as the bright colors contrast well with the decor.







The daring wooden furniture, mixed with classics and contemporary living interior design make up this style. A dark wall paint creates the best background for lighter furniture made of leather or wood.






The sky-blue wire armchair and coral-red pouf make for a lush atmosphere. The painting in intense colors and the plant add about vibrancy and agility.




The extra-deep wooden armchair and its moss-green upholstery form a strong contrast to the wall. This is the effect of the sweeping retro style.






Here we see a mixture of styles. The luxurious Chesterfield sofa adds elegance, while the industrial-style hanging lights are flexible.






The open shelf contrasts with the mysterious storage chest, used here as a coffee table. Even accessories like candlesticks in unusual shapes attract attention.


The new romance



The largely feminine interior design consists of pastel shades, natural materials such as wood, simple shapes and decorative accessories. The pure white color is combined with cuddly textiles and skins. Many candles or even a fire pit provide a feel-good atmosphere in a modern form.




The cozy sofa is the center of the room and invites you to relax. The removable white covers, the cuddly blanket in baby blue and the fur on the floor, together with the chandelier look romantic. Coziness in the most modern version is achieved through the built-in fireplace and wooden elements such as this stool. Just heavenly is the effect of flickering light and the warm color of the candlelight.




In this establishment, furniture in earth tones and deco in natural colors are used to create a cozy effect. As you can see, we could not call the restrained and calm colors boring. This sofa stands amidst an oasis of cosiness. White and relaxing atmosphere is achieved by few home accessories in the same color.




The wooden chest of drawers could be the secrecy in the princess’s room.

The modern interior design



The urban style looks cool and orderly with its gray and black colors. Many straight lines and contrasting nuances provide a timeless elegance. The result is a cheerful ambience in the modern living space.




This feel-good zone has come about through many pillows, the candlelight and the houseplant. The straight-lined sofa offers enough space for entertaining, relaxing or even napping.




The variable lighting in the room, together with the decorative cushions and the comfortable sofa invite you to browse. The small cut-outs on the cushions are unique.






Interesting home accessories such as a paper rosette could gently act against an otherwise gray wall. Practical table lamps like this one are reminiscent of the Scandinavian interior design.




With such a facility, each apartment would gain the designer look.


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