Cozy Christmas Around Fireplace – Tips and Tricks

Cozy Armchair Near Fireplace



Are fireplaces trendy? Yes. In particular, black steel stoves never go out of fashion and are available in different variants. Furthermore, the fireplace properties depend on room size and interior design. Of course, if you have small children, you could not have an open fireplace installed in the living room.




How to protect yourself from sparks by the open fireplace? Obtain an adjustable safety glass wall and a fireplace grille. There are glass or steel plates for your floor.






What is better: wood or pellets? The authentic feeling of making yourself comfortable is by adding wood. Of course, pellets are cheaper and come into the house ready for use. The current pellet stoves are not only functional, but they are fully in line with the trend.






Could you have a fireplace in the rental apartment? If the landlord approves, yes. Nevertheless, one would have to take into account the possible dismantling during relocation, and carefully consider the place for deductions or chimneys.






Are the bioethanol fireplaces the better solution? With a bioethanol there is no smoke or soot, so the chimney is unnecessary. But you should ventilate the rooms regularly because of the decrease of carbon dioxide.






Where can you store the firewood? The fireplaces are offered with an integrated wood compartment. If you do not want one, you could get yourself a decorative wire basket.






Is there a large selection of fireplace cutlery? Yes, as well as in the hardware store as well as in online shops.






What style of living does the fireplace fit? Of course, you can set up your home according to personal preferences. The rule is that a tiled stove would fit more to the country house style. In contrast, the timeless, purist models match the modern style of living.






How to decorate the place around the fireplace? To make the ambience even more comfortable, you could with decorative pillows, candles, poufs and a modern wingback chair.






How to create a cozy atmosphere without having a fireplace? On the market there are candles with wood scent or even long matches. They help you bring a rustic touch to your living room.




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