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Some Of The Fastest Trains In The World

Some Of The Fastest Trains In The World

With rising fuel prices and the appreciation of the journey by car, countries around the world focus on the development of technologies related to high-speed trains, as more and more people resort to rail transport.

Traveling by train is not only cheaper, but also becomes faster. Developing countries like China and Russia invest in high-speed shaft, which can reduce the journey time by half. Additionally, European countries create multibillion-dollar plans to expand and improve existing rail networks for high-speed trains. From compiled a ranking of the fastest trains in the world based on the highest speed which they have evolved. In the ranking included record speeds during experimental runs of electric trains and train using magnetic levitation, as well as various experimental models. Here is how countries can boast the fastest trains in the world:


10. Russia Train

Siemens Velaro RUS Russian high-speed train

Siemens Velaro RUS Russian high-speed train


Siemens Velaro RUS Maximum speed: 281 km / h (174.61 mph) Capacity: 600 passengers The fastest train in Russia is moving along the route Moscow-St Petersburg was opened in December 2009 produced in Germany high-speed train reduced the time for travel between the two cities with more than half from eight hours to three hours and 45 minutes. Eight trains that run on the line, worth nearly 1 billion. Dollars.


9. Taiwan Train

THSR 700T Taiwan high-speed train

THSR 700T Taiwan high-speed train



THSR 700T Maximum speed: 299 km / h (185.79 mph) Capacity: 989 passengers high-speed rail project in Taiwan is worth 18 billion. Dollars. THSR 700T train runs between the capital Taipei and the southern city of Kaohsiung, reducing travel time from 4.5 hours to 90 minutes. In 2010 the train has transported a record 36.9 million passengers, which is 14% more compared to the previous year.


 8. South Korea Train

South Korea Train KTX-I


KTX-I Maximum speed: 305 km / h (189.52 mph) Capacity: 965 passengers South Korean high-speed rail network, known as KTX, carrying over 100,000 passengers per day on both lines. After 12 years of works first high-speed line was opened in 2004. It reduces travel time from Seoul to the port city of Busan half to 2 pm. And 40 min. The time has been reduced by a further 22 min аfter the release of the second line. Following the launch of trains the number of passengers on domestic flights to South Korea fell by 30% in 2003-2007.


7. UK Train

Eurostar 3313 14 Uk high-speed train

Eurostar 3313 14 UK high-speed train


Eurostar 3313/14 Maximum speed: 334 km / h (207.54 mph) Capacity: 750 passengers Headquartered in London, Eurostar operates high-speed rail network linking England with cities in France and Belgium through a tunnel under the English Channel after their release in 1994 on changing the way Europeans travel. With 27 trains and connections to over 100 destinations in Europe noted transport network 100 millionth passenger in August 2009. Moving at a speed of up to 299 km / h, Eurostar 3313/14 broke the British record speed rail since 1979 reaching a top speed of 334 km / h in 2003.


6. Italy Train

ETR 500 Frecciarossa italian high-speed train

ETR 500 Frecciarossa Italian high-speed train


ETR 500 Frecciarossa Maximum speed: 362 km / h (224.94 mph) Capacity: 590 passengers Italy is one of the pioneers in high-speed rail and can boast the first high-speed line in Europe. Florence-Rome line went down in history when more than half of it, or stretch from Rome to Città della Pieve was opened in 1977. Then moving on her train reaches a maximum speed of 257 km / h. Produced in Italy ETR 500 series trains are the fastest in the country as a model ETR 500 Y1 reaches a speed of 362 km / h in 2009 on the stretch between Florence and Bologna.


5. Spain Train

AVE Class 103 spain high-speed train

AVE Class 103 Spain high-speed train


AVE Class 103 Maximum speed: 403 km / h Capacity: 404 passengers Spain boasts the longest high-speed rail network in Europe – 5524 km. The country has six high-speed lines, and several more are being built. The fastest trains Series AVE, which is produced by several companies, including Siemens, Alstom and Bombardier. Train AVE Class 103 Siemens reached a record speed of 403 km / h in a test run between Madrid and Zaragoza. Maximum speed for passenger trains in Spain is limited to 299 km / h for safety reasons.


4. Germany Train

Transrapid TR-07 Germani hugh-speed train

Transrapid TR-07 Germany high-speed train


Transrapid TR-07 Maximum speed: 435 km / h ( 250.41 mph) Capacity: Experimental Germany is one of the leading countries in the world in high-speed rail technology. It is home to Siemens – the largest producer of high-speed trains in the world. German companies Siemens and ThyssenKrupp were the creators of the system high-speed Transrapid, using magnetic levitation and reach speeds of 500 km / h. In 2004 Shanhvayskiyat train using magnetic levitation system is the first of Transrapid, used for the carriage of passengers. It reaches a speed of 429 km / h. Although trains with magnetic levitation are made in Germany, they are never used for the carriage of passengers in the country. The technology has some problems, including high costs and accident during a test run, which in 2006 killed 25 people.


3. China Train

CRH380AL China high-speed train

CRH380AL China high-speed train


CRH380AL Maximum speed: 486 km / h (301.99 mph) Capacity: 600 passengers China has the largest high-speed rail network in the world with a length of 9656 km. With the opening recently of the Beijing-Shanghai line the country also boasts the longest high-speed rail line in the world. Its length is 1320 km., And along the route have pumped 60 million cubic meters of concrete. CRH380AL model trains reaching speeds of 299 km / h., But tests run reached a top speed of 486 km / h. The line is designed to carry 80 million passengers annually.


2. France Train

TGV V150  France high-speed train

TGV V150 France high-speed train


TGV V150 Maximum speed: 574 km / h (356.67 mph) Capacity: 508 TGV V150. French company Alstom reached a record speed of 574 km / h in 2007, making it the second fastest train in the world. TGV high-speed technology is used in trains in many European countries, including Britain, Belgium, Holland and Germany. The newest line, known as the Southern Railway, runs for about 600 kilometers, and will be used for the carriage of passengers and cargo and connects Baghdad and Basra. It replaces the former railway line, which has become obsolete, the company said.


1. Japan Train

JR-Maglev MLX01 Japanese high-speed train

JR-Maglev MLX01 Japanese high-speed train


JR-Maglev MLX01 Maximum speed: 580 km / h (360.40 mph) Japan is the world leader in high-speed rail. The country released the first modern high-speed train in the world in 1964, Japan presented the first “trains arrow” in the world that is moving at a maximum speed of 209 km / h. Trains using magnetic levitation developed in Japan in the 70s of the last century. The government has approved a plan worth 112.44 billion. dollars for the construction of such a line between Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka as the project must be completed at the earliest in 2027. These super fast trains are expected to reduce travel time between Tokyo and Osaka 2 hours and 18 minutes to a little more than 1 hour. At the moment, the experimental JR-Maglev MLXO1 is considered the fastest train in the world with a top speed of 580 km / h achieved during tests in 2003.




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