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Sex Traditions Around the World

couple in bed making love


couple in bed making love


If you think that sexual habits worldwide аre limited to those in your bedroom you are cruelly mistaken. Many people – many ideals. Learn fun sex facts that you have never heard.

In India believers practice sacred sex in some areas of the country. Young people go to the temple, where young men and women indulge in sexual acts with passionate worshipers. The procedure is long and has a deep meaning for believers, but too confused for other people. Performed the so-called “rescue coitus,” which according to bystanders is pure prostitution, which the locals try to disguise.

Also in India young boys lose their virginity most often with older woman from their family. The goal is to show the boy how event is done and if he does not do well, no outsider can know about it.



Probably many of you have heard the old Bulgarian tradition, according to which the newlyweds have to indulge in their first sexual intercourse on the day of the wedding. They аre closed in the room while guests await proof that the girl was “fair”. Once everything is complete, shows the white sheet of visible blood stain – proof of virginity to the girl. If you there is no blood, the girl can be returned to her family. In many cases the young boy worries and fails to handle the girl then she is accused of being not “fair.”


Polygamy is officially authorized in certain Asian and African countries. The reasons are cultural and economic. Some tribes in Nepal may be encountered cases where a woman is married to several brothers, who have equal rights to consume their marriage. Each of them makes sex to her after previously announced that tonight he will be with her. The version when man has several women is more “traditional” and goes back centuries.


Japanese amaze the world with their conservative sex and depravity in one. Although known as one of the most balanced and peaceful nations, the Japanese invent all sorts of creations on sex, passed through the prism of high technology and entrepreneurial spirit. Sex dolls which change poses, stand and speak in strange ways are the latest fashion. A few years ago in Japan opened its doors places called. “Toruko Buro” (means “Turkish bath”, but has nothing to do with it), where men go. They are greeted by young girls, inviting them to wash their teeth, help them to bathe and shower ends with a portion of “oral sex.” After “Toruko Buro” enjoyed great popularity among men shortly after appeared the same option, but for women. This kind of places are not considered a brothel and are not illegal.


In Ancient Greece cheating was one of the most serious crimes. There were punishments for the woman and for the man who she cheated with. He had to pay “compensation” of the man and the woman publicly. People literally trip radish in his anus for a reprimand. The larger was radish, more uncomfortable for the punished man.


Although the sexual habits of Americans are not so far from european, there are some quirks in the law of some states. In West Virginia sex with animals is allowed if the animal is not more than 18 kg (breed does not matter). In Maryland and Virginia oral sex is prohibited. And in Texas, it is illegal to have a vibrator, while Arizona can have at most two, if you do not want to step the law. In Hawaii it is not allowed man to put his penis in tailored partner (whatever it is). If you live in Florida, you can be arrested if you or your baby get naked in public. Even on the beach women are not allowed to show their chest.


The nation that makes the most sex in the world is Brazil. Want tireless partner run to Latin America. There, men are more eager for sex and much more durable because of their lifestyle and unencumbered psyche. In contrast, in the US and Europe, men are much more intense and spend too much time in front of computers, they are deprived of sun and movement, which is detrimental to their sexual power.


One of the most open minded nations is French. Statistics show that 41% of French people have participated in the orgy. Most number of partners have to say the French.


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