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Back in the 60’s futurists predicted that by the 2000s there will be flying cars in the sky and robots living in our homes and helping us with the daily chores. Instead we live in a world dominated by smartphones, social networks and live streaming. While the forecasts were not very precise they got the technology right. Today, we are at the brink of technological advances predicted long time ago. Current technology already allows us to have self-driving vehicles and even robot assistants.




In modern times there is not one simple definition of technology it is everywhere and it is changing the world. Below we will share with you some of the most exciting technological advances that have had big impact on our lives.



1. Voice assistants



Apple Homepod and Amazon Echo are two of the best voice assistants. Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence these devices will become more and more advanced and helpful.




In fact the forecasts estimate that the majority of American households will have a voice assistant in the near future. These devices are having a significant impact in various global markets and some observers expect that in the future we will communicate much more through voice technology than through text.


2. Robot assistants



Robots are already used in factories and offices in the US. Intelligent robots can complete mechanical tasks and make calculations quickly.




Some of them have security applications and feature cameras and recognition software to detect hack attacks.


3. Augmented reality



Just a few years ago it was unsure whether augmented reality will become a thing.




But the fact that tech giants are investing billions of dollars in augmented reality hardware, it is becoming pretty clear that it’s a matter of time before it goes mainstream.


4. Driverless cars



Self-driving technology is rapidly evolving and the first test cars are already on the streets. General Motors, Tesla and Volvo are actively working on cars with no steering wheel or pedals.




Meanwhile Uber is leading the push for pilotless flying cars and NASA is working to develop an air-traffic control system.


5. Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is creating a stir and throughout the year we have seen some exciting developments. At one point the value of the Bitcoin skyrocketed making some investors rich. Although cryptocurrency remains controversial, it has steadily become increasingly mainstream. We believe it is just the beginning of a financial revolution.

What is the meaning of technology in our everyday lives? One thing is for sure the impact of technology growing faster than we expected. We are experiencing a big, fast paced and dynamic technological revolution and it is just a matter of time before it changes the world as we know it forever.


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