Is snacking bad or good for you?



When it comes to snacking, the opinions are quite mixed. Some people believe that it is a healthy thing to do, while others think it harms you and makes you gain weight. For some people it is a daily habit and they put a lot of effort in finding healthy snacks to munch on. Snack foods are easy to find and many people like to have them in their bag to grab during the day.




Next, we will look at some common myths related to snacking and what effect does it have on your health.


What is snacking?




Snacking is consuming foods and beverages between the regular meals. Snack foods are usually high-calorie, processed foods. Snack ideas may include chips, cookies, chocolate. Hunger is what motivates people to snack, but there may be other factors which contribute like time of day, social environment and food availability.




Many people snack even when they are not hungry only because they have tasty food around. The temptation is big, but factors like being hungry or feeling low on energy can also push people to snack.


Does snacking boost metabolism?




Although, it is been suggested that eating more often boosts metabolism, the scientific research does not support this. Actually, studies have shown that meal frequency does not affect the number of calories you burn significantly.



Does Snacking affect appetite and weight?




Studies on snacking’s effects on weight and appetite are providing mixed results. It has been suggested that evening snacks may increase the weight, but this is again proved to be just an assumption and the effect varies by individual.


Does Snacking affect blood sugar levels?




It is a common belief that eating frequently will help maintain stable blood sugar levels throughout the day. However, this is not always true. Research shows that snacking often has no direct effect on the blood levels. It is more about what you eat and not how often. If you consume foods rich in fiber and protein the blood sugar levels will raise less than when you consume high carb foods.

Is snacking good or bad for your health?




Snacking is not always a good idea and not for everyone. But it can be a good option when it helps people who overeat or go too long without food. In the end if it is good or bad depends on each person and it is an individual choice. Still, if you decide to snack make sure you pick healthy food which keeps you both full and happy.

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