Incredible Things About North Korea

Young woman in North Korea guiding the traffic

Big North Korean army with the flag behind


North Korea is probably among the most mysterious places on the planet. Life there really seems like a movie – sometimes funny and surreal, sometimes horror. Today we want to tell you some incredible things that happen in North Korea and that seem like coming out of a movie.


Only 28 haircuts allowed in North Korea

Beautiful North Korean woman


A certain haircut, suits for each person. Either because of their face or because of the personality, but that is something impossible in North Korea. There are only 28 hair styles that the inhabitants can choose. In the case of men, the haircuts available are 14, while the single women must wear it short.



If a person is condemned, so is their family

Woman soldier working in the camps for prisioners


Committing a crime not only carries a penalty for the perpetrator, but also involves your entire family. Especially if it involves treason or theft. Instead of jail, they are sent to forced labor camps. The defendant does not leave alone, but their family is also punished. So if a married man commits a crime, his parents, wife and children are also sent to these detention camps, where many die of hunger.


There are no traffic lights but young women showing the way

Young woman in North Korea guiding the traffic


The capital of North Korea – Pyongyang, has 2,500,000 inhabitants but does not have traffic lights. In the busy and silent avenues you can always see graceful girls dressed in uniform giving precise indications to traffic with their lights and their hands.


No cars are allowed 

Two men on a bike


The only ones who have the right to use cars to get around are the leader and his entourage. The others on foot or by bike, which is not that bad since everyone can stay fit and healthy and kids can go to school by bikeApparently that would be a reason why laziness is not accepted in this country.


There is no internet access

Woman and a man using computers in North Korea


Actually yes, but not as we know it. The North Koreans can navigate an internet where there are only pages chosen by the local government and that do not attempt against the authoritarian regime. You can only enter 124 addresses, decided by the leader Kim Jong-un and his cabinet.


North Koreans “vote” every five years

Women and Kim Jong un after voting


Who says that this country is a dictatorship? If people can vote! Only with a small detail: there is only one candidate. In addition, you cannot vote blank because otherwise you put your own life and that of the whole family at risk.

Only three television channels

North Koreans watching tv


The funny thing is not that they have only three television channels, but that two of them broadcast only on weekends. The other one only in the afternoon, yes, every day. That’s why North Koreans go to the cinema, even if they can only see their own production.


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