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Hair-Washing Robot – Reality or Fiction?

Retro girl washing her hair

Retro hair washing woman


Technology is playing a huge role in our lives. Nowadays, our phones, cars, fridges and even houses are smart. But when it comes to beauty, things are just starting to get really technological. Of course we have all used an electric tooth or hairbrush but how about a hair-washing robot that massages and blow-dries your hair?


Hair-washing robot


It seems like this technology is the future of any hair pro salon. Just imagine a hair-washing robot or a head massage robot preparing you for your haircut. It seems like it is something from the future, but actually the giant Panasonic has already developed the technology.



The Idea

Hair washing and massage robot


At first the technology of this hair-washing robot and massage robot has been developed to help the elderly and disabled. The robot is being tested in Japan before it becomes available for commercial use. The company claims that this innovative gadget provides the best head massage and the experience is much better than a regular shampooing and hair washing procedure at a salon.


The Technology

Hair drier robot and a doll placed on it


The Head Care Robot is equipped with sensors on each of its 24 fingers. They measure your head and customize each washing and massage experience. The massage function is extremely relaxing and offers a degree of comfort which is hard to experience with human hands.


How does it work?

Robot washing a hair


The procedure starts with the robot spraying hot water and shampoo onto the client’s scalp. Then it uses its 24 fingers to clean the hair gently but thoroughly. Next step is applying the conditioner, which is sprayed like a mist all-over the scalp to ensure even coverage. The final stage of this ritual is washing the hair and a head massage which ends with blow-drying.


First reactions

Happy people on the street


The robot seems to work well on long-haired customers. It has specially placed nozzles for better rinsing. Still, having a robot with a handful of moving parts cleaning your head causes anxiety instead of relaxation in some people. Initially, the robot was designed for use in hospitals and nursing homes, to give the patients a relaxing massage and improve their hygiene and blood circulation, and to relax them. However, it will soon be available for commercial use in hair salons around the world, so more of us can benefit from this technology. What do you think? Would you enjoy a robot hair washing, massaging and blow-drying your hair? The next step is a robot haircut, are we ready for it?


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