Fancy Owning a UFO-Shaped home? Check This Rare Futuro house

Futuro style house ideas

What is a future house? Have you heard of the spaceship houses that are “landing” here and there? The rare UFO-shaped homes are sometimes mistaken for art installations, but in fact, they are normal homes and people actually live in them.


The Design of the Futuro house

Futuro house UFO shape orange forest lake coast


The most famous futuro home is a creation of the Finnish architect Matti Suuronen and was a portable ski chalet. The structure is lightweight and and fits in a variety of locations and landscapes. There are more than 100 futuro homes built between 1968 and 1978.


Futuro house in a yard buildings palm trees


Futuro house exterior on the roof of a building white UFO-shaped home


So, the design and the idea are not new. The houses were intended to be mobile made from fibreglass-reinforced with polyester plastic and stilt legs that ensure they stand lightly on the terrain.
Although futuros stopped being built they remain an important part of modern history.


Futuro House for Sale

Futuro house for sale with additional module glass room


Recently, a 60’s spaceship home in excellent condition went on sale in New Zealand. The rare futuro home is on the market in the small coastal village of Warrington. It was originally built and designed in 1968.


bright orange futuro house in the desert mobile home

Futuro house interior ideas orange chairs round windows

Futuro house interior sofa dining table chairs round windows


The futuro house is 63-square-meter circular space that sits on a high lot offering views of the bay. The one-bedroom property features all iconic details like oval windows, built-in seating, hatch door entrance and more. It comes with a workshop, laundry area, garden shed and a garage. The futuro house interior is comfortable and quite impressive.


Futuro House Airbnb

Futuro house in Nature forest mobile home architecture and design


Although owning a UFO-shaped house may seem exciting, the price is often high enough to cool off the enthusiasm. However, there is an option to enjoy some time at a futuro house without actually purchasing the property. Keep in mind that there are not many buildings of this type around the world – only 60 houses are thought to survive today. Still, a few of them can be rented as a futuro house Airbnb. If you are planning a vacation and want to stay at one of these extraordinary homes, now you have the opportunity to do it.


Modern futuro home interior modern design chairs


There are futuro houses all over the world and they continue to challenge the imagination. From Estonia to the U.S, these homes remind us of the creative genius of their architect.


Futuro house bright lights outdoor lighting yard lighting


If purchasing a home like this is out of your budget, but you still want to visit one, don’t worry you can rent a futuro house Airbnb and enjoy the experience.


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