Essential Safety Tips for the Beach


What comes to mind when you think about a summer vacation? Most people immediately imagine beaches, blue water, and summer cocktails. Yet, it is easy to forget that there are hidden dangers to avoid. Here are a few safety tips for the beach that will help you enjoy the summer holidays of your dreams.


beach flags safety flag red and yellow with the blue sea in the background




#1. Pay Attention to the Beach Safety Flag

You can learn more about the current level of ocean water safety if you look at the beach safety flag. When the ocean is calm and clear, the flag will be green. On the other hand, yellow flags indicate potentially rough water. It is necessary to be careful if you are not a good swimmer or if you are with kids.



beach water orange lifeguard beach safety wooden quay blue water


Next, even if you feel like swimming or surfing, do not ignore a red flag. This flag warns people about significant hazards and currents. Also, take note that purple or blue flags might indicate dangerous marine life (jellyfish, sharks, etc.).


woman in a pool with a pink swimming cap with her phone in her hands smiling and looking at the screen


#2. Become a Better Swimmer

Water safety at the beach also requires being realistic about your swimming skills. Swimming in a pool is different from swimming in the sea or the ocean. Therefore, make sure you do not swim alone and wear a life jacket if you are inexperienced.


beach fun three children jumping in the water from the beach having fun


Also, even if you know how to swim, remember that everyone can get caught in a rip current. It is important to stay calm, swim parallel to the shore, and attract attention.


lifeguard on a sandyy beach guarding the beach and the water


#3. Choose an Area Where There Is a Lifeguard

Safety tips for the beach include playing and swimming in an area where there is a lifeguard. Statistics show that people are more likely to drown where there is no lifeguard. Take a closer look at this tip if you go to the beach with kids.


family of four on a white sandy beach enjoying a vacation


#4. Stay Sober

If keeping safe at the beach is important to you, do not consume alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the body. Moreover, it will impair your judgment. Therefore, we encourage you to save that amazing summer cocktail for later on during the day.


protect your skin from the sun a sun hat with yellow and green sunglasses and a bottle of sun protection spray


#5. Protect Your Hair, Skin, and Eyes

Beach safety is not limited to what we already shared. It is vital to remember that heat and UV sunlight can be more dangerous than we assume. For example, hot sand can easily cause burns, so always have a pair of flip-flops. This will also be helpful for avoiding sharp shell pieces.


beach safety for kids little girl in her swimsuit and yellow beach gear smiling and jumping into the water


Next, do not forget to use a high-quality sunblock and protect your head with an umbrella or a hat. Last, but not least, sunglasses can help you prevent eye damage.


woman's legs in clear water with red nailpolish showing on the surface


To sum up, there are simple common-sense safety tips for the beach that can help you enjoy your summer vacation and return home safe and sound. We wish you a happy summer full of fun, joy, and laughter.


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