Different Ways People Around the World Celebrate Easter

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There are just a few days left until Easter 2022. So, if you need a little bit of inspiration, you are in the right place. Here are 5 interesting ways in which people around the world celebrate Easter.


throwing water at girls in central europe easter traditions three girls in traditional dresses running before splashes of water


#1. Throwing Water

Easter customs around the world do not always revolve around chocolate bunnies and egg rolls. There are places where people throw water. For instance, in Poland, it is common to drench each other with squirt guns or buckets of water on Easter Monday. The wetter you get, the more likely you are to get married in the coming year.


unusual traditions easter crafts hands on a white table crafting and making diy chicken and rabbits and painted eggs



On the other hand, if you spend Easter on the Greek island of Corfu, you will notice throwing pots out of their windows and smashing them on the street. Such unusual Easter traditions around the world are another way to welcome spring.


large omelette cooks with tall white hats in front of a huge omelet pan eating and speaking


#2. Eating a Huge Omelet

Easter across the world often goes hand in hand with eating eggs. This applies particularly to France where people even celebrate a Giant Ouellette Festival. If you end up visiting the southern French town of Haux on Easter Monday, you will notice a giant omelette (over 15,000 eggs) in the main square.


people in fancy fun carnival costumes outdoors celebrating easter parade in a city setting


According to a legend, Napoleon and his army once visited the town. They liked the eggs there so much that they ordered the townspeople to make a giant omelette the next day.


people creating an outdoor floral carper from petals in different colors


#3. Creating an Outdoor Carpet

Another one of our favourite Easter celebrations around the world includes creating a colourful outdoor carpet. Artists in southern Guatemala use sand, flowers, vegetables, and fruits to make a piece of art. The most impressive aspect is that the creation of this outdoor carpet takes place within just 24 hours.


little girls in Finland getting dressed for Easter in traditional costumes three little girls with scarves on their heads holding colorful branches


#4. Wearing Costumes

Easter traditions around the world sometimes include dressing in costumes. Young girls in Finland usually dress up as witches. Then they go door-to-door with bunches of willow twigs and recite a rhyming blessing against evil spirits. In return, the kids receive a chocolate egg.


painted easter eggs in different colors in a cardboard egg box shot from above


Colourful parades, chanting, and music are an inevitable part of Easter festivities in Haiti, too. Locals organize ceremonies and bring sacrificial offerings to appease the spirits.


easter traditions a silhouette of a woman with bunny ears on a white and grey background


#5. Reading Crime Novels

Norway is famous for another Easter tradition. Since 1923 it is popular to read a crime novel around Easter time. That year, a book publisher promoted a new book on the front pages of newspapers. People did not know that it was not news, so they paid a lot of attention to the ad.


a richly decorated easter table with flowers food and colorful plates and eggs


These were just 5 of the more intriguing ways people around the world celebrate Easter. We hope that you enjoyed our journey throughout the realm of Easter traditions and wish you Happy Holidays.


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