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9 Geeky Gifts for St.Valentine’s Day

vr headset

There are just a few weeks left until next Valentine’s Day. So, you may already be desperately searching for the best geeky gifts that would appeal to your partner.


woman in striped shirt giving a man a little gift covering his eyes with her hand


We know from experience how challenging this can be if you are not into geek toys and gadgets. Therefore we decided to share with you some of our favourite ideas geek Valentine’s gifts.


standing desk woman in her home office holding a mug with computers



#1. Couch & Standing Desk

Does your other half spend a lot of time at home and in front of a computer? If that is the case, consider buying them a high-quality couch or standing desk. This will make it easier and more comfortable for them to work or play games.

two instant cameras black and brown one lying on a table


#2. Instant Film Camera

If your partner is into old-fashioned things, then it might be a nice idea to give him romantic geek gifts such as an instant film camera. There is something nostalgic about being able to get a Polaroid picture to preserve special memories with your partner, right?

person behind a telescope watching the stars in the night sky


#3. Telescope

If your significant other loves astronomy, he/she will definitely appreciate things for geeks such as a telescope. If you choose to give him/her Valentine’s gift like this, you will also be able to enjoy stargazing dates. This is a nice way to add variety to your love life in times of a COVID-19 pandemic, isn’t it?

cord hugger pink cat holding a cable

#4. Cord Huggers

Believe it or not, cable labels can also make great geeky gifts. So, if you want to give the gift of organization to your geeky partner, help them sort through that tangled mess under their desk.


two sushi slippers on a tray red and yellow color


#5. Sushi Slippers

Your other half can eat sushi 24/7? If that is the case, buy them a pair of sushi slippers this Valentine’s Day. This gift will make them feel warm and cosy. In addition, it will feel very nice to know that you pay attention to what is important to them.

dice and a cup on a white background

#6. Set Of Dice & Mug With Lid

A lot of geeks love playing games. Therefore, consider geek ideas like a lidded ceramic mug with numbers on it or a set of metal dice.


couple with a virtual reality set playing games


#7. VR Headset

Even if you don’t like it, playing games may be a great source of joy for your partner. If that is the case, definitely buy them a Virtual Reality headset this Valentine’s Day. This will take their gaming experience to a whole new level.

blue tie with math formulas on it in a roll


#8. Math Formulas Tie

One of the most cliché Valentine’s gifts you can give to a man is a tie. So, if you don’t want to buy geek toys and gadgets, at least add a personal touch. For instance, if your partner loves numbers, order a silk tie with various symbols, formulas and equations on it.

geeky gifts person wearing a blue t-shirt with a battery


#9. Funny Slogan T-Shirt

Naturally enough, you can always order a T-Shirt with a funny slogan that will make your partner smile. They are the one who always solves other people’s computer problems? If that is the case, get them a T-shirt that says: “Sorry, I will not fix your computer.”


fun card for St. Valentine's day with a message in a red envelope


Naturally enough, the list of geek gifts ideas can go on and on. Yet, we hope that our suggestions will act as a source of inspiration for you. We wish you and your partner happy Valentine’s Day.


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