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7 Simple Tricks to Take Amazing Photos with Your Phone

use the light

Taking amazing photos with a mobile device is mission possible. And if you know-how, it can actually be as easy as child’s play. Here is our selection of 7 simple tips that will help you take cool and amazing pictures with your phone.

amazing photos with your phone boy with glasses taking photos outdoors at sunset


#1. Use Natural Light

Even if you want to play with shadows, avoid taking photos with a flash. This will have a negative effect on the colours. Instead, we suggest that you look for natural sources of light or play with editing tools such as ‘Exposure’.


focus on one object taking a picture with a phone black phone and dark table



#2. Focus On Only One Subject And Have Negative Space

If you want to take amazing profile pictures and photos in general, focus on only one subject. You can do so by tapping the screen of your phone to focus the camera.


taking good photos with a phone woman holding a phone on a white table with a cup of coffee


Also, make sure your subject doesn’t fill more than a third of the entire frame. Negative space like water, a wall or open sky can help your subject stand out. This will evoke a more intense reaction from viewers.


hand cleaning a phone lens with a piece of cloth


#3. Make Sure Your Phone’s Lens Is Clean

Yes, your phone is easy to carry around. However, while it is in your pocket or bag, the camera lens gets dirty. Therefore, make sure you clean it with a handkerchief before you try to take your amazing images.


#4. Benefit From Symmetry, Patterns And Different details

Harmony and beautiful proportions are very pleasing to the eye. So, if you want to create the most amazing photos, divide the images into equal parts which are mirror images of each other.


woman using the natural light to take pictures with her phone close to a window


In addition, you can use gridlines to balance your shot. First, turn on the camera’s gridlines. Then you will see multiple lines on your camera screen that break the image into thirds, both vertically and horizontally. To create amazing photos, place your subject along the lines or in the intersection.


man taking outdoor photos with his phone zooming in


#5. Set Your Creativity Free

Amazing photos evoke emotions. So, make sure you set your creativity free and act non-conventionally. For instance, you can look for different perspectives. Another option is to use lines that draw the eye towards specific parts of the frame. Besides, you can play around with color blocking apps. This will allow you to turn a photo into grayscale. Then you can select the parts you want to colourize.

man taking a photo of their food with their phone on the street


#6. Avoid Zooming

If you want to take amazing portrait photos, never zoom in. Otherwise, your images will get blurry, grainy or pixelated. Simply get closer to the subject you will take a photo of.


image editing photo of a woman outdoor being edited with different colors


#7. Edit Your Photos

It is ok to edit your photos. There are so many amazing editing apps out there that make it really easy to find the right filter. And filters come into play when you want to remove blemishes or to evoke even stronger emotions from the viewer.

wedding picture being taken with a phone two versions


Certainly, there are more hacks on how to take amazing photos with your phone. Though image quality matters, remember to also be present and enjoy the process, as well.


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