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5 Things You Do not Know About Hybrid Cars


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There is a lot of information out the hybrid cars out there but also some questions remain unanswered. These alternative fuel vehicles are becoming more and more popular. We know they are green, eco-friendly and are recharged with a special charging station, but there is so much more to learn about them.

Although hybrids are not new to the market people are still asking: How do hybrids work? How does a hybrid engine work? How are hybrid cars powered? Is it expensive to own a hybrid model?

We are excited to share the 5 things you probably don’t know about these green cars.

The maintenance of a hybrid car is not expensive





Most people have the idea that it costs a lot to own a hybrid car. However, that is not always the case. As any other model, the hybrid car can be insured, so that the upkeep is covered by the insurance. The truth is repair costs won’t break the bank. The maintenance for a hybrid should cost as much as the one for conventional cars. In the beginning, when the hybrids were something very new this statement used to be false, but with their growing popularity the costs have decreased considerably, with more spare parts available and more mechanics trained to perform maintenance on hybrid models. This makes keeping a hybrid vehicle performing optimally less expensive and much easier.


Hybrid cars are very economical

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The fact that hybrid cars are economical and the owner of such vehicle saves a lot on fuel is one of the reasons why people are considering these models. With hybrids using just one-third of fuel compared to conventional cars, it is clear that there are more financial reasons behind purchasing a hybrid. The depreciation rates of hybrids are lower than those of their conventional counterparts, so most owners are eligible for a tax rebate. It’s true that batteries are more expensive, but they also have a lifetime warranty on them. Automakers also offer substantial warranties on other car parts.

Hybrid cars retain their retail value

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Because of all the warranties that automakers have on the engine, batteries and different parts of the hybrid vehicle, they retain an excellent retail value. This means when a change of car is needed they can be sold for a very good price.


Not all hybrids are equal

Modern hybrid car

Hybrid models are different. Some need a boost of electrical power to support the engine; others have electric and petrol engines which run independently of each other, or in tandem. This gives a better balance of efficiency and performance.


Hybrid cars don’t necessarily need a charging station

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Some hybrids are design with both electrical and combustion engine. In this case the electrical one rotates the wheels, while the petrol one generates electricity which charges the battery when needed. That’s why hybrid cars don’t always need to be charged at a special station.


Hybrid cars


Hybrid cars are a great invention that can help us move around in a more responsible way. Still, they have a lot of pros and cons and the purchase of a hybrid should be an informed decision. We hope we have given you some useful information about the hybrids in case you are considering getting one.


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