26 Things About Jamaica You Don’t Know

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If you think that the small island paradise of Jamaica has just sun, sea and beaches, you live in a big deception. Here are 26 interesting facts that will help you to know better this fascinating country.

1. Jamaica name means “land of forests and waters.”

2. Jamaica is the largest English-speaking island in the Caribbean.

3. The island was the first colony that England conquered. This happened in 1655

4. Jamaica is the first Caribbean country conquered its independence. This happened in 1962.

5. During the second voyage to the New World in 1494, Columbus saw the tops of the Blue Mountains and landed on the shores of Jamaica.


6. Blue Mountains in the island are named after the mist that often cover them, and that look blue when viewed from a distance.

7. Rum is the national drink of Jamaica.


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8. The national dish of Jamaica is made from stool, local fruit, in combination with salted fish. Most Jamaicans consume this dish for breakfast.

9. Ian Fleming designed and built his home “Goldeneye” in Jamaica and wrote 10 of his James Bond novels there.

10. Jamaica is the first tropical country participated in the Winter Olympics.

11. Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean.

12. It is the first commercial producer of bananas in the western hemisphere.

13. Jamaica is the birthplace of Rastafarianism – religious-political movement was originated in 1930.

14. Most Jamaicans do not smoke marijuana. The grass is mostly used during religious ceremonies of the Rastafarians who have less than one percent of the population.

15. The possession and use of marijuana is illegal in Jamaica.


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16. The practice of voodoo spells in Jamaica shall be punished with imprisonment.

17. The first website on Caribbean Jamaican, appeared in 1994.

18. It was the first Western country that built its railroad, only 18 years after Britain and the United States well before.

19. Jamaica had electricity and running water before USA.

20. The country has several mineral hot springs which are considered healing.


26 Things About Jamaica You Don't Know


21. Jamaica has more twins and triplets than in any other country.

22. The colors of the flag of Jamaica – black, green and yellow symbolize the motto: “Times are tough, but the land is green and the sun shines.”

23. Women in there are some of the most beautiful in the world. The country ranks fourth, after India, Venezuela and Britain in the Miss World titles.

24. Snakes in there are extremely rare. They were killed by the mongoose that you were made to destroy rats.

25. The South America’s country enjoys year round summer without a pronounced rainy season, although usually more rain from May to October.

26. Jamaica grow some 200 species of orchids, 73 of which can be found nowhere else in the world.


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