Things You Can Do to Help Nature Conservation

Do not use plastic bottles



There is a growing concern about environmental issues and nature conservation. It can sometimes feel quite overwhelming, but there are some actions each one of us can take to help preserve the Nature.




The key is to start small and make a difference in your own home and community. The most important actions include reducing your own carbon footprint and making sustainable choices.





A great way to maximize your actions is by raising awareness of local environmental issues among your friends, family and neighbors. Joining other activists to push for new and more effective environmental protection policies is also a good way to be part of the positive change in the world.

Here is a list of more things you can do to help nature conservancy by making a change in your life first.


1. Change your purchasing decisions





Say no to plastic bags and bottles. Use reusable bags and do not buy fresh produce wrapped in plastics. This will help not only the nature preserve efforts, but also will be good for your own health.






When interacting with food, especially warm meals, the plastics release toxic chemicals which are harmful for your health.


2. Change your driving habits





Unfortunately vehicles are some of the biggest air polluters. Not all of us can walk everywhere we need to go, but consider a world where you use Uber or carpool, where you use your bike for the groceries and public transport to work or school.


3. Notice your water usage



People in the developed countries are lucky to have access to as much water as they need. But we also use a lot of it. Did you know that 65% of the water usage happens in the bathroom?




A possible way to reduce your water usage is by taking shorter showers and never leaving the tap running when you are brushing your teeth. The energy efficient showerheads also help.


4. Use less paper



Almost 40% of the world’s commercially cut timber is used for paper. This destroys natural habitats and uses tons of water in the production process.




Since printing is so cheap we do it without thinking. Even if you consider your household paperless, just think about your bank statements, junk mail, gift wrapping and paper towels in the kitchen. There are many areas where paper production and consumption can be reduced.


5. Think twice before you throw away



Make sure you throw the things you need to throw the right way. Kitchen scraps can be used to make compost.






Some household items can be recycled, others can be reused. Do not just throw away stuff without thinking twice about it.


6. Reuse instead of buying new



Buying second hand clothes is very important for the environment – 1kg of fabric equals 23 kg of greenhouse gases. Start thinking about better quality clothes that last longer.




Fix your old clothes rather than buying new ones, swap with friends and family and do not follow the ever changing fashion trends that stimulate you to buy more and more.
If you love Nature and you want to live a more healthy and happy life, if you want to leave a better place for your children make these simple steps part of your daily life and become part of the positive change you want to see in the world.


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