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Stay in Shape While Pregnant

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Many women expecting their first child wonder can you exercise when pregnant or is it safe to exercise while pregnant?  Actually, exercise and pregnancy usually work well together. Staying fit during pregnancy is one of the best things a woman can do for her and her baby. Of course, it is very important to choose the type of activity carefully and to consult with the doctor. Some sports like horse riding and skiing are not a good idea for pregnant women, but others have great benefits.




Here are some of the sports and activities women can enjoy during their pregnancy.




Many doctors say swimming is the safest exercise for pregnant women. It keeps the body toned without the use of weight and stress on the joints. It also raises the heart rate and that’s why it is a safe cardiovascular exercise which also doesn’t cause overheating.  It is also a very safe sport, because there is no danger of falling. A great benefit of swimming is that it makes a pregnant woman feel lighter and much more mobile.



Woman walking


Another thing a woman can exercise whilst pregnant is walking. It is very beneficial because it is easier for the knees than running; it is safer and can fit into any schedule. It is important to stretch very well before running, wear good shoes to decrease the pressure on the feet and minimize the risk of falling.





Jogging is a great idea for women who haven’t done running prior to becoming pregnant. The thing to keep in mind is good hydration to avoid over-heating and of course the good shoes are a must. Jogging accelerates the heart rate and helps blood circulation which means both mom and baby get more oxygen in the blood.





A great benefit of biking is that it supports the weight of the woman, so there is less stress on the body.  As the abdomen grows the center of gravity shifts, so the risk of falling is higher. A stationary bike minimizes that risk.



Yoga and working out


There are many benefits of yoga during pregnancy. Yoga has a great reputation for relieving pressure and stress in the body. Many forms of yoga are very beneficial for the baby as well. There is special class for pregnant women, that includes very beneficial poses especially selected for expecting women. Yoga is great for hip opening and breathing, both of which are going to come in handy during the delivery process. It also relieves pains in the back.


Doing yoga


These activities are very beneficial and safe for pregnant women. So they can not only enjoy some activity and stay in shape but also prepare their bodies for the big moment.




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