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Self-Care Retreats for 2019

Woman doing hot yoga

Girl Meditates in the nature


Caught up in their busy lives many people are neglecting self-love and self-care. Day-to-day struggles often deter us from these practices. With daily pressures a constant weight on our minds, sometimes it can get quite hard to be happy in our own skin. Taking some time off from life to refocus and reconnect with your true self will ensure healthy and joyful times ahead. It is time to make the self care day happen.

Group of people meditating on the beach


Whether you are a hard-core yogi or just trying to disconnect from the world for some time, these peaceful retreats are for anyone looking to embrace their best self. Take a look at our selection of the most popular self care practices and the best life changing retreats.



Meditation Retreats

Woman having Silent Meditation near river


Meditation retreats are a great way to start your mental health vacation. A meditation vacation is a good treatment of mind, which will give you peace and will help you focus on the really important things in life. In recent years the meditation retreats have become quite popular, so you can easily find one near you, or if you are ready for a long journey you can head to the home of the yogis – Asia.


Brain Training

Man playing brain games on his phone


Brain training programs have a more scientific approach compared to the spiritual retreat centers. Usually brain training programs are flexible and consist of games and tasks to solve. Since many of them are available online you can download one on your mobile device and start training right away.

Hot Yoga

Sweat woman doing hot yoga


If you like yoga, you will surely enjoy the hot yoga as well. It is a vigorous self care yoga performed in a very humid and warm studio. There are many different types of hot yoga classes with various levels of heat and humidity. This yoga style has great benefits. It helps you get rid of toxins much faster, but it is not suitable for people with heart disease or heat intolerance.



Woman doing aromatherapy


You probably already know what is aromatherapy , or at least you have heard about it. It is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts called essential oils to promote well-being and health. The oils are used to improve the health of the mind, body and spirit.


Aromatherapy herbs and oils


They enhance both emotional and physical health. Aromatherapy is thought of as both art and science. Usually it is part of a yoga retreat where the oils are inhaled during the practice or are used for massages.


Sleep rituals

Woman meditating before sleep ritual


As more and more people suffer from insomnia or have trouble with their mind racing, sleep rituals are becoming more popular. They can be performed during spiritual seminars or can be part of an everyday routine before going to bed.


Woman drinking tea before sleep ritual


A routine for better sleep may include music, a bath and other quiet activities.


Desk Yoga

Woman doing desk yoga


We spend so much time sitting or standing at our desks and this has its effects on us. Desk yoga is a style of self care yoga which you can do at the office. It consists of several stretches you can do in the lunch break to improve your posture and remove back and neck pain.

Regardless of which of these methods for treatment of mind and body you choose, make the self care day part of your life. Learn to be kind and loving to yourself every day and you will live in peace and harmony with the world around.


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