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Saving Your Relationship with Family Therapy in Colorado Springs

Family having family therapy

Colorado Springs is the biggest city in Colorado by area. The people in this home-rule municipality enjoy a semi-arid dry-winter climate. But, in general, the city boasts abundant sunshine all year-round. Next to Denver, Colorado Springs is the second most populous city with a population of more than 470,000, including many families living there.


But, the most close-knit family can also experience problems at home. Often, these hurdles last a long time and are more difficult to fix mainly because of the familiarity and proximity of the members. If your family is having issues that seem to be insurmountable, it may require professional family therapy in Colorado Springs to get everyone on track. Family therapy is designed to help couples and their children, including extended family members to work through conflicts, communicate better, and reach a more peaceful life at home.


How Does Family Therapy Help?


Problems within the family affect the life of the family members, in all aspects. You may notice that troubles are showing up at school, at work, or in daily interactions with one another or the outside world. When all the issues are getting worse and quite overwhelming for you to handle, you can turn to a family therapist to help you address them one by one. The therapist can introduce you to new ways to deal with challenges, conflicts, and struggles.



The following are some of the things that family therapy can help you with. The therapy teaches the clients to manage:


  • Behavior problems of children
  • Difficulties between siblings
  • Addiction or substance abuse
  • Disagreements about money or financial problems
  • Mental illness of a family member
  • Problems in school
  • Domestic violence


What Happens During the Sessions?


A family therapist sees those problems within a family as systems or patterns that can be adjusted, instead of directing the attention solely to one person that may cause the problem. The experts refer to it as strength-based treatment. A strong relationship between family members has a huge role in the overall mental condition of each member. So, this method can be beneficial in helping the family to manage and adjust to the struggle of another member with, for example, a medical issue or an addiction.


The therapist in your family therapy in Colorado Springs also focuses on reducing conflicts and improving communication. The family members learn how to find new ways to solve problems and work together. Although the therapy does not always make a problem disappear forever, it can give the family new abilities to handle challenging situations more efficiently.


On average, family therapy takes about 12 sessions. The specific issues in your family will determine how often you need to see your family therapist and the number of sessions you need to attend.


How to Have Successful Family Therapy Sessions


A family psychotherapy session typically lasts about one hour per week; this can be a short amount of time to address various problems with multiple members of the family. On your end, there are some things you can do to maximize the time you have with your family therapist. For one, you try to speak calmly and not to argue as much as possible. You stay strong throughout the process and remain respectful to everyone. If you do not get along with a specific family member, weigh carefully how you speak or what you say to them. Also, it would be helpful if everyone prepares a list of issues or questions they like to talk about and address before therapy.


It may seem that your family will never fix conflicts, particularly the long-standing ones. But, it is possible with family therapy in Colorado Springs. Its goals include clearing the hurt and disagreements, as well as reaffirming the love and bond for one another. The family therapist, with the right credentials and training, can perform this form of counseling.



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