Rustic Style – A Journey Through Time




Rustic style – a journey through time



If still you face with the concept of “rustic”, you should know that it comes all the way from ancient Rome. Then they called that rough stone facing on the lower floors of the buildings. Why was this a tiling? It created the illusion of massiveness and power.





In the second half of the twentieth century, however, more and more designers are thought to focus on maximum functionality, the use of modern materials and simple shapes. So in the furnishing it was used more natural wood, ceramics and stone. They were replaced with lip gloss, metal and plastic. The new rustic style is imposed as a response of the use of technological materials, cool materials and smooth surfaces.




“Exquisite rudeness” is synonym with which most commonly we define the general characteristics of this old technique for decorating. Because of the massive tree, cold stones and almost aggressive radiation that have this type of furniture, designers recommend it especially for villas and classic homes in the Mediterranean or Italian style. Also, many private mountain huts are designed in this style-rustic.




Rustic style is a blend of harshness and maximum simplicity of the decor. The style relies exclusively on natural materials – both in the cladding and furniture. One of the advantages is its simplicity, which makes it easy to decorate even for the novice designers. Following the basic rules for the furniture, really everyone can decorate their home as a model for the country style.




Keep in mind that simplicity always needs a lot of “air” — that is, spaces that are not filled by furniture and accessories. Because the dark tones, rustic style is suitable only in large spaces, because the basic rule in design is – dark colors visually shrink the room and bright her up.




Each element of the lining must be made from a natural, rough handled material. Optionally, you can experience the forces with different techniques in the ageing furniture to give dignity and expressiveness of the coatings.




It is best to resemble the furniture items made by hand as the requirement is not to create the feel of fine craftsmanship, but rather for rough, clumsy assembling the available natural materials. This is the charm of rustic – in its rough elegance.




Similar completely original furniture you can buy from every Internet auction. The other option is to try to create them yourself or contact a furniture house. Remember-rustic style does not tolerate counterfeiting – bet on natural solid wood, even if it costs you more expensive as it would look far better than any imitation, made of MDF. Not to mention for the floors of the laminate.




Don’t be intimidated by this “naturalness”. Rustic doesn’t mean “anti-technology”. There is no way to opt out of the technique, which facilitates the life of contemporary man. Here, however, we have to show a certain trick – you need to paste in your household electrical appliances to disguise, not to spoil the vision of rustic dеcor. This is not complicated – you simply need some skill, some decoupage or dеcor – stickers to stick up the fridge, washing machine, dishwasher and you are done. The decorative panels also are doing a great job.




The decorative part of the Interior is minimized. Use a moderate amount of textiles and ornaments on the wall. However, the lighting can bring you a specific feeling of comfort and peace.


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