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If you’re bored and you’re wondering how to decorate your house to look like a little bit of home – this is a solution for those of you who are truly brave. Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix extraordinary with artistic, and the light decorate further this whole scene?

I will make it easy for you – concrete! Yes, this is an extraordinary material, quite often under-appreciated by the customers and of many colleagues, who are increasingly gaining its popularity. Lamp, candle, fireplace, furniture, or whatever else you think might be satisfied by the concrete. And since there is no time and I don’t want to lose your, today I’m going to focus on some interesting objects such as lamps and fireplaces made of concrete.







When Concrete illuminated by the light it gives a lot of artistic effect. Sometimes such composition may seem futuristic, but in combination with the rest of the House (well arranged interior with regard to the colors and geometry), the results can be impressive. The truth is in the details. It is interesting to observe how the chill of this material is transformed into a feeling of warmth.




Pure classic forms of these lamps give us a new sense of space and reveal an unusual approach of mixing materials. Concrete in the middle, wood at the top and metal in the internal part – all this manages to keep that feeling, what we call “natural”. If you’re talking specifically about the concrete, this is material that can submit a strictly modern presence and sense of urbanism.






It is amazing in detail. If you look, you will find that everything is executed quite detailed and really impressive. As an example I can give you this candlestick made of concrete, which was created on the modular principle. You can combine the different parts (modules) to create a variety of forms to suit your decor.






The use of concrete for fireplaces is one of the most desirable materials, if of course we are talking about non-traditional solutions. For the curious-EcoSmart Fire offer external fireplaces with interesting form and somehow both look futuristic and classic, which I think is a great detail for your garden.





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