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This garage was turned into an exclusive interior design, which reflects the artistic flow and full of vitality personality of its owner. Mr. Andeas Manoliodakis is the proud owner of this residence and co-owner of the exhibition “Space M” – art in Athens. It turns out that the result can be a surprisingly overwhelming when a creative person, full of ideas, ordering of his childhood friend and talented architect- Kyriakos Katsaros, to turn these one hundred and sixty square meters space in a home full of surprises and brilliance.




The project has had to resolve numerous challenges and obstacles that almost ended it. The biggest question was how to convert the dark garage and basement, where falls natural daylight, in a bright and cozy living residence?




Greek Architect Katsaros Kyriakos, who studied in London, together with Manoliodakis, Andeas manage to solve the problem and prove to myself and others that where there is a will there is a way.




Light is “delivered” in the entire residence with several smart decisions. Three-storey building is used for the opposite, which is included in the Interior. Between them there is a glazed roof, which turns out to be a major element of the kitchen translucent. With this view it is difficult to track the meals on the stove. Another jewel in the wonderful home is the preservation of the small inner garden which can be opened and closed.









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