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Protein or Moisture what Does your Hair Need?

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What does your hair need? It is not very easy to answer this question, right? The more hair care products you have access to, the harder it gets to choose the right one.


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If you feel confused, you are in the right place. Let us explore together the difference between protein and moisture, as well as how to identify what your hair needs.


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What Is Moisture & How Do You Know That Your Hair Needs Moisture?


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What does healthy hair need? Moisture. Why is this so?

Moisture is what keeps the hair hydrated and smooth. Moreover, it adds to the overall appearance and feel of the hair. When your hair needs moisture, it is dry and coarse. On top of that, it readily breaks and does not stretch.


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What Is Protein & How Do You Know That Your Hair Needs Protein?

What nutrients does hair need to be healthy? It needs nutrients that make it strong and hold its shaft together. This is where protein comes in handy. All in all, protein-based solutions are perfect for damaged hair.


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When your hair lacks protein, it is prone to breakage. Furthermore, your strands will get weak and brittle. Next, if you stretch your hair and it does not return to its original form, then it certainly needs protein. Last, but not least, you can be sure you need a protein-based hair care product if you notice a cotton candy or mushy texture.


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Natural Sources of Moisture

What does the hair need to grow? Similar to plants, the hair also needs moisture to grow. Naturally enough, water is the best source of moisture. Nevertheless, there are other sources you can use when you want to prepare a DIY hair mask.


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For instance, honey is rich in vitamins and attracts moisture from the environment. Therefore, it is widely used in hair care products.

Next, bananas can also help you keep your hair hydrated. This is so because they contain specific carbohydrates, vitamins, and natural oils.
Third, coconut milk or water can turn into a lovely ingredient for your next hair mask, too. And if your hair is extremely dry, go for avocado. In addition to giving your hair a moisture boost, avocado will leave you with frizz-free hair.

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Natural Sources of Protein

As we already mentioned, protein is vital for having healthy hair. So, instead of asking yourself:

What does curly hair need?”, make sure you make use of healthy sources of protein. Protein-rich foods include legumes, milk, eggs, nuts, and lean meat. So, we recommend that you make them a part of your regular regimen.

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To sum up, what does your hair need? A good moisture-protein balance. If you notice that it is dehydrated, apply a moisturizing product and drink more water. On the other hand, if it feels as though your hair lacks protein, look for a protein-based solution and consume more protein-rich foods.


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