Interior Decor Items To Brighten Up Your Home For The Season

summer living room

Although we spend more time outdoors during the summer, the season is the perfect excuse to brighten up your home. Update your home with brave interior design decor items to lift your mood. We have made a selection of interior design home accessories that will add holiday vibes to your home and welcome the summer inside.


bright spaces light interior in neutral colors living room with pink and gray accents and a living plant in the corner


These easy updates can make your home feel just like the seaside retreat you are dreaming of. With fresh, white and airy styles with pops of colour and natural materials, you can achieve an eye-catching home décor with just a few changes.


summer interior decor yellow shelves in a living space with books and other colorful accessories



Light spaces

Declutter your spaces and let the light flow through this will make your place feel more open and bright. Add light colour curtains to make the rooms feel even more spacious.


white home entrance furnished with natural materials wooden table and woven hats hanging on the wall


A Touch of Rattan

You can find different home décor items made of rattan. Using natural textures that are reminiscent of the coast will instantly make a living space feel more summer-ready. Rattan baskets and seagrass accessories will add a chilled-out seaside video to your home.


boho summer decor in a living room with different colors and wooden furniture


Boho decor

Inspired by the colours and patterns of the Orient a few soft, tassel-trimmed cushions are a vibrant addition to any couch. The boho interior décor accessories have a timeless appeal and are great for creating a relaxed feel. Colourful accents are a playful and fun way to add texture and pattern to your home.


yellow shades in the interior summer color palette a corner of a living space painted in bright yellow with a vase with white flowers and a dark blue chair


Summer shades

Don’t miss the opportunity to decorate your home with summer colours. Contemporary interior accessories look great on a bright background. Research shows that yellow is the happiest colour because it brings images of sunshine and warmth. The tone you choose for your home will have a huge impact on the mood you create. There are different ways to introduce yellow in your interior design scheme like adding hued textiles or hanging artwork.


linen bedding in a mint green in a minimalist white space


Linen Bed Sheet

Linen is considered a summery fabric because it is breathable and helps regulate temperature. Introduce linen in your wardrobe and home to enjoy all its great features. The linen gets softer over time and keeps cool in the summer and warm in winter. It also has a lovely laid-back vibe and is easy to maintain.


touch of rattan boho bedroom with green tropical wallpapers and a rattan bed

Bold motifs. If you have always wanted to experiment with floral or tropical motifs and interior design decorative items with energizing colours and a mix of patterns summer is the best time to do that. Floral patterns can revise a space instantaneously. Try swapping your rugs or cushion covers with tropical plants to make a bold statement in your home.


home scent home perfume on a table with tangerines and two people with mugs in their hands


Summery scents

If you are missing the sea it is easy to bring beautiful memories with a summer-inspired home fragrance. Opt for light, fresh scents with rustic wooden notes that will evoke sensory summer experiences back to your mind. You can transform your home into an idyllic island setting by adding ocean breeze aromas or a pretty blend of amber, citrus and aquatic notes.


summer decor colorful home interior with two vintage lamps wooden window and a vase with pink tulips


Creating a bright home connected with the seasons and environment will uplift it and create a sense of wellbeing. Hopefully, these interior design ideas will inspire you to style your house for the summer with confidence.


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