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a woman of Toubou tribe
a woman of Toubou tribe

Women of Toubou ethnicity.

In search of health learned about Toubou people that live in the Sahara desert in extremely severe weather conditions in the goal area, reminiscent of a moonscape. The uniqueness of this tribe and therefore interest to it is the fact that four Belgian universities have organized a study of international expeditions to learn more about those people.

The Toubou men surprised researchers with their incredible vitality, stamina and health. They trade with salt, which alone mined then cargo it on camels and then they carry it among the rest tribes exchange it for dates, millet and household objects. In the hot sand under the scorching sun they can take 50-60 to 80 kilometers a day. Slender, flexible and tough, they did not know what fatigue is.

Described is the following case. One morning, when camels were loaded with salt, and the people of Toubou ready to go, the researchers decided to go along with them in their chilled and adapted to heat jeeps. They passed about 30 kilometers of the road when the scientists gave them a signal for a break. Doctors and the whole team with them were very tired in cars. But when they checked the status of Toubous it was unchanged as at departure: their pulse was normal, there was no sign of fatigue. But the surprises do not stop there. The researchers decided to lunch and offered to Toubou men of their food: beef broth and ordinary canned foods. Locals looked on with suspicion, but when still decided to try – refused at the first bite, spitting in disgust. Prefer their lunch, consisting of only 3-4 dates. Scientists were impressed.


camels of Toubou people

Camels of Toubou people carrying their sacks full of salt.


The Toubou people, unlike people of Hunza are complete vegetarians – they do not use any food of animal origin. Their morning breakfast consists of only one drink of grass growing there, made as our herbal tea, but more concentrated, not sweetened or add salt. Lunch with a few dates, and dinner is their only firmer and a meal, always the same – porridge of millet. This mess they diversify with sauce of local spices and then add some coconut oil.

Living with quite opposite conditions of those who live in Himalayas (Hunza tribes) not high in the mountains, and among the burning sands of the desert, the people of the Toubou also achieved exceptional health, performance and inexhaustible forces. All this in extremely severe environments, limited in quantity and lack of uniform food as ours.


The habitat of Toubou tribe.

The habitat of Toubou tribe.


Scientists had every reason to expect something else, but Toubou men are healthy, slender, flexible and with tight legs. They don’t need any dental care as they have perfectly healthy teeth and don’t know toothache. There aren’t people with overweight among them – adults, as well as all of Toubou people are on their feet until the last days of their life. In temperament they are happy like all healthy people generally.


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