How to Refinish a Table? It’s Extremely Easy!


How to refinish a table? It is very easy and you don’t even need a designer or woodworker. You can do it on your own at home. And even the cost to refinish a table is much less than you expected.


how to refinish a table two tables one outdoors the other indoors wooden table white chairs


You can give your old table or flea market find a brand new look in just a few steps. You don’t know how to sand and stain a table? Or are you wondering how to repaint a table? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more and refinish your old table in several easy steps.


How to Refinish a Table – Step 1

how to refinish a table electric sander red color


If you do not have these at home, you will have to get a few supplies. You will need a sandpaper or sand powder, sander, stain or paint, cleaning spray etc. Also, prepare a dry tack cloth or paper towels.


How to Refinish a Table – Step 2

Before you start working, you need to understand what you are working with. Take a good look at the furniture piece and decide how you are going to approach it. If the piece has a lot of hand-carved details and you are new to refurbishing, better pick a different project. Look for solid wood and avoid vaneer or laminate. If you are not sure about the wood surface you are working with better check online first or ask a friend.


How to Refinish a Table – Step 3

Cleaning is probably the most important step. If you are refinishing for the first time make sure you are spending enough time preparing the surface. Clean off any oil, grease or dirt before you even start.


How to Refinish a Table – Step 4

How to refinish a table sand powder close up

Use your sandpaper to strip the first finish, get rid of the old varnish or paint. If you don’t want to do it all by hand use a mechanical sander that will help you get the job done much faster and smoother. When you are done with this part, don’t forget to clean the surface again, it has to be completely dust-free.


How to Refinish a Table – Step 5

refinishing an old table applying oil to wood with a brush


Next step is to apply wood oil; it will protect the wood and bring out the richness of the color. At this point, you can also apply your stain or color of choice. If you are staining, wipe the surface, do one coat, let it dry and then pass with the finest sandpaper, clean it well and apply another coat. If you are painting the piece, prime it first, then paint it again and wait until the paint is fully dry.


How to Refinish a Table – Step 6

woman refinishing a table with paint and brush


It’s time to finish your piece. If you have decided to oil it, you are done. But if you stained or painted it, apply a finishing clear coat that will keep it set for a longer time. Don’t forget to sand between coats with fine sandpaper. How to Refurbish a Table? Now you know and it is quite easy, just follow the steps above to transform your old furniture and give it new life. This is a great way to start living a more sustainable lifestyle. Next, decorate your table for the season and enjoy! Happy crafting!


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