5 Reasons to Choose Utah Pole Barns


Utah has the 13th biggest landmass in the US, with 11th least population. The terrain of Utah is highly diverse, ranging from mountains and valleys to canyons and basins. Owing to this, people of the state have a good amount of land area available for them.

Since there is a shortage of space, many households choose to build pole barns on their property. These Utah pole barns increase their property value and provide them a good amount of space to keep the extra stuff in their house.

If you are in Utah and have some extra space in your house, there here are a few reasons you must go for building a pole barn in your vicinity.


One reason to choose pole barns is that they are much more cost-effective and affordable than other barn structures. Their construction does not need a basement or foundation, due to which they can be erected in much less money than concrete barns.

Construction Flexibility

Utah has a diverse terrain, and the construction of a pole barn is highly flexible as per your ground requirements. It can be constructed on any terrain, as it does not require a level ground. No leveling or excavation would be needed for the construction of a pole barn. It can also be constructed on any soil type and efficiently handle soil wall pressure even if it does not have any concrete foundation.


Future Compatibility

If you want to expand the barn in the future, you can easily do that by building an addition to your existing structure. However, choose the location of the barn wisely, giving room to your future expansion plans. Whether you want to increase your office space, garage, storage area, add a post-frame building to it, provided that you have space available.

Wide Openings

Due to their on-center spacing, more than 8 feet are assigned for installing large windows and doors. Such wide openings are very difficult to make in stick frame barns made of concrete, as they would need massive headers and reinforcements. If you are involved in agriculture or using it to keep your animals, equipment, or vehicles, then moving in and out of the structure will be easy with these wide openings.

Speedy construction

Construction of Utah pole barns is extremely fast as compared to other structures. Since minimal components are needed, and some even come as DIY kits, they reduce your building costs and save your time on construction. Since no site preparation like excavation and ground leveling is needed, they save your time on that too.

So, all these are good enough reasons to build pole barns in your house. If you have some extra space in your property, get in touch with a barn expert and let them examine that space. They can even help you deal with local building codes in Utah that do not need a permit for sheds smaller than 200 square feet.

Based on your needs and space availability, they will be able to suggest whether building a pole barn is feasible for you or not. According to your purpose and budget, choose a barn design that can serve you well for years to come.


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