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Love Paris retro post card

The postcard begins its way far away in time. Its original purpose was to send short messages. Strange as it may have been regarded on it, in fact, it appears that everyone has received or sent a card. It has become a great way for communication.


Before it turn into a small piece of stiff paper that is mailed and has a short messages in it from its consignor, the card was a clay tablet, a piece of papyrus. Traces of its ancestors has been found more than two thousand years ago.


The official birthday of the postcard, as we know it today is at the end of the 19th century. Initially, the proposal for its use gives the Prussian State Councillor Von Stefan, but his idea was rejected. Four years later, in 1869, the German Professor Emmanuel Herman resumed the idea and gives the name of the postcard – Korrespondenzkarte.


The card continues the glorious existence today. But in many varieties. Some seek it as a souvenir, a memory of a beautiful city. Others, to greet someone, on the occasion of the holiday – birthday, Christmas, wedding.



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