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The Different Forms of Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis Edibles

With more than half of American states legalizing it, medical marijuana is popular now more than ever. According to a report by Michigan University, there are more than 800,000 registered medical weed cardholders, and this number is set to increase as more states loosen the noose around marijuana laws.

This popularity, however, comes as no surprise to us as medical pot has been proven to have immense benefits. If you just got your card recently, you might be torn on where to start. However, don’t fret because you’re in good company. This article explores the different ways to consume medical weed that you can find at a dispensary.


Vaping is a very popular way to use medical marijuana. In this case, you will need a vape pen that is widely available and can be found in your medical dispensary. Also, it is not expensive, and it’s even possible to have one customized for you.

Vaping is a popular option due to its discreetness. This is because it creates steam instead of smoke. Also, the steam’s smell isn’t as strong as when you smoke your medical weed stash the ordinary way, and as such, you do not need to hold the vapor in your mouth.


Tinctures are the second most popular form of medical weed after vaporizers. In this form, marijuana is usually in a liquid form and to use it; you’ll first have to suck it up using an eyedropper. Since tinctures present pot in liquid form, you can either use a syringe or an eyedropper to suck it from the bottle and then place it under your tongue.

Tinctures can either be bought at an MMJ store or can be made at home. However, the ideal option is to buy your dosage at a reputable dispensary like Solace as it’ll not only be ready to use but also will have been professionally made. A tincture is an excellent way to take your dosage of medical weed as the way it’s consumed not only speeds up the results but also, it is discreet.

Like a vaporizer, you can easily carry a tincture in your pocket or your purse, and nobody will know. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice if you need to use MMJ regularly but can’t stand the thought of anyone seeing you vape.



Do you prefer to have your medical weed as your favorite cake? Are you a sweet tooth who would like to ease chronic pain or anxiety through a lollipop? Well, you can do just that thanks to edibles. From brownies, cake, cookies to hard candy, it’s possible to eat your MMJ in your favorite snack as long as you include it in the ingredients.


If neither of the options outlined above tickle your fancy, then there’s a high chance you don’t like anything to do with the direct use of Medical Marijuana. However, you can still enjoy the immense benefits of the mentioned without having to smoke it, take it orally, or ingest it thanks to lotion. Put some on your finger, apply it to the desired area, and then massage it into the skin. It’s just like applying other creams or lotions onto your skin.

They are available in scented and unscented forms, and the best bit is their results are also fast.

Other Forms of Medical Pot

  1. Flower (you can buy yours, roll it into a joint, vape it or make edibles)
  2. Joints
  3. Patches
  4. Pills/capsules

Whether you like to take it orally or not, there’s a form of medical marijuana for everyone. You just need to find a reputable dispensary like Solace Meds, and you’ll be good to go.


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