Decorate The Wall Near Your Dining Table


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Decorate The Wall Near Your Dining Table

Recently I notice that there are more and more people who like to make or install something interesting in their dining room in order to create an accent wall. Well, I agree with people’s desires and also think that this is a great way to make something intriguing in the interior of the room, where we enjoy meals, talk with friends, spend time with the members of our family.
What should you know before finding the best idea for your new dining room accent walls?

Dining room accent wall ideas

Let’s have a quick look at the most interesting ideas these days:
1. Stone – stone accents are a great way to create a focal point in the dining room. I have seen many types of walls completely made of cladded stone parts. You know, the little stone pieces that are ordered in a way that looks so attractive and welcoming (despite the usual “cold” associations with stone);





2. Fireplace – I believe that fireplaces are the king of creating cozy interiors. You just don’t need anything else that the natural warmth coming from the burning fire. Of course, there are some decorative fireplaces that also can be installed at home.




3. Mirrors – a recent article about dining room mirrors explains how, where and why we can apply them in order to create accent walls. Read the article here: https://founterior.com/decoration-choose-dining-area/




4. Paint – using paint is another way to create accents. Match or oppose different palettes and you will be able to create unique art, painted right onto your wall.




5. Decals – if you have a modern interior, you can use these kind of floral wall decals. They will add a touch of interesting notes in your dining room and will make it look casual.




6. Decorations – the best way is to directly apply decorations (paintings, letters, garlands, other times) on the wall or the other option is to make special niches where you can display them. Well, making a niche is not an easy thing if you have an already built wall, but if you are just about to create it, you can plan the niche just right now!




Dining room accent wall colors






I have seen a lot of different approaches regarding dining room accent walls. Some decorators and interior designers make a particular wall entirely different from the others in the room by painting it with solid color. This is a great idea, indeed.

Dining room accent wall color ideas





If you want a solid accent wall, you can use either opposite colors or you can make it in a nuance, near to the main colorful scheme of the room. Some designers these days use a lot of red and green, but I think that vivid hues are not the best thing when you are in the dining room or wherever else in the house. Maybe, this is just because that I don’t like sharp colors. However, there are some really nice examples with pale nuances of reds, browns and greens. Browse the images below and I am pretty sure that you will find a gorgeous idea that can be applied in your house.








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