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One of the most trendy colors these days is brown and its inspirational nuances. This is not only a fashion trend in clothing but I see that more and more interior designers, decorators and furniture manufacturers try to incorporate brown color in their work.





The results is, of course, gorgeous when done properly. Now, let’s have a sneaky look at the most interesting pieces of works that I have tried to collect today. Mostly, the interiors and furniture in the images here are concentrated in the living room but as for the furniture, you can always move your favorite pieces wherever you want in your home.

Brown Living Room Interior Design




There are many styles these days and all of them somehow seems to look awesome in brown. I think that only the classic and Victorian styles are a little bit far away from this nuances but for the rest – this is a winning color. For example, in the images here you will see a modern living room with brown walls. Actually, the walls are not painted but there are wallpapers instead. The patterns reveal several hues of brown, all of them fascinating! To complete the sophisticated look the designers installed dark brown curtains and the results is simply astonishing!




Another image reveals an expensive home in pale brown. Personally, I adore pale colors because they bring in the atmosphere a touch of excitement, while they stay passive and do not overload the interior with their presence. I think this is a great way to set the foundation of a certain colorful palette in a particular room.


Brown Living Room Furniture




On the other hand, there are pieces of brown living room furniture that can be used in many different interiors. I think that the brown sofa is the most used type of furniture in many, many homes. And its most common style is brown leather, which I do not like very much. Instead of leather, I prefer soft natural fabrics and materials that keep your body ventilated during the hot summer days, for example. Something that leather simply can not provide you with. Another really attractive piece from the images here is the brown club armchair placed in a sophisticated traditional room with striped rug underneath. When I am looking at this image it reminds me of an old and interesting book, a glass of 21 aged whisky, cigar in the ashtray and my boundless imagination drawing picturesque landscapes and fairy tale moments while reading the book. This moments are priceless, pals.








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