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Make you interior unique with these ideas



Despite the fact that there are many and various types of beautiful chandeliers, pendants, beside lamps and other lighting fixtures, candles create real coziness inside the room they are placed in. If you have decided to include this natural lighting items in your home, you need to find suitable candleholders that would prevent damaging your pieces of furniture. So, let’s find out what are the best candle decoration ideas.





You can use them to bring some freshness inside your living room or bedroom with large in length and short in height candle holder and place there small round candles. You can also use high massive candles that you can light all together. Make sure that the candleholder is made from solid metal or wood with special inlays and place for candles. This way you are going to create an outstanding and memorable romantic atmosphere which is a great circumstance for a love date that your other half will adore.




Big round that look like balls are also a great option to decorate your home. You can scatter them randomly in your room. You can light up only one of them if you want a dimmer room or all them at the same time for brighter interiors. The other thing you should know is that you’d better match the colors of the candles with the rest of the colors in the particular room. Of course, opposite contrast are also an option.




In the recent images that I’ve found there was a great inspiration. So, there was this room with various in shapes and sizes candles – round, square, cylindrical, huge, small, tiny, etc. There were…let’s say 4 or 5 which were placed close one to another and the result was astonishing! To add an interesting accent, I must say that the effect would be even greater if there were rose petals scattered between the candles. Dried orange peels are also an option if you want to achieve a sophisticated look.


Square candle holder of wood for two taper candles kerzenstander


Hint: try to match the colors of the candles with the petals. This is probably one of the best candle decoration ideas.




If you can afford it, place a lot of candles on all the edges of a particular room. Try with various colors and don’t light the them because they will be very close to the wall. This way you are going to achieve an impressive decoration effect without using the full features of candles.












Another idea is to order huge variety of small tea candles in a solid tray which you can place on the floor or a small bedside table. If you light them simultaneously, the effect will be simply stunning.




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