Cologne vs. Perfume: What You Need To Know

Cologne vs. Perfume What You Need To Know

You probably don’t know the difference between cologne and perfume. Nope, it is not based on gender, it is more scientific than you may think.
So do you want to impress someone wearing perfume at your next dinner party? Or are you looking to buy perfume or cologne online?

In this guide what you need to know when it comes to cologne vs perfume.

Cologne vs Perfume, What is the Difference?

Did you know the small town of Grasse located in the French Riviera is the perfume capital of the world? Grasse has been producing perfume since the 1700s and is home to the Grasse Institute of Perfumery.
Perfume is 15-30% perfume oil, making it the highest concentration of fragrance available. Perfumes can last you all day depending on body chemistry, the amount used, and your physical environment.
Eau de Cologne on the other hand is a more mild concentration of perfume oils at 2-4%. With the lower concentration, the scent does not linger as long as Eau de Perfume. This often makes cologne a cheaper option.
If you have ever heard a fragrance commercial or shopped around at a department store you may have heard the term ‘Eau de Toilette’.

Eau de toilette contains 5-15% fragrance oil, making it a popular in-between option for consumers. It is actually more common for men to wear Eau de Toilette than cologne, as it has a higher concentration more suitable for everyday wear.
As you can see, none of these descriptions have to do with gender, rather it is based on oil concentration.

Notes and Types of Fragrance

Now that we have the basics down, how should you buy your next fragrance?

Think of the notes you want. For example, feminine notes may be sweet, floral, and aromatic, and masculine notes may be citrusy, earthy, woody, warm.
The genius in creating perfume is understanding and testing how fragrance oils work together to create these wonderful smells.
Now that we have thought about the notes you may want, let’s learn about the actual fragrances that go into creating them. Scents for men commonly include sandalwood or cedarwood, grapefruit, palo santo, and bergamot.
For example, Paco Rabanne Invictus, an Eau de Toilette, contains typically masculine scents like grapefruit and wood. giving it a fresh yet earthy fragrance.
On the other hand, scents for women commonly include lemon, lavender, patchouli, jasmine, and juniper.
Did you know the classic scent Chanel No. 5 uses jasmine harvested only from Grasse? The scent is so unique that jasmine from anywhere else would smell differently.

Ready to buy your next perfume or cologne?

As you now know the difference between cologne vs perfume there is a lot more that goes into the science of perfumery and the different scent combinations.
When it comes to buying your next perfume, cologne, or Eau de Toilette, think about the purpose. Will it be an everyday use? Special occasion? What notes do you want it to include?
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