Best Winter Holiday Destinations

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Are you wondering where to travel in winter? There are so many great places to visit during winter. Whether you are after a family festive break, some sun or snowy slopes, winter is a popular time to head off on exciting trips.




If you haven’t decided where to visit we have some suggestions for you. Among them you will find popular places for winter sports, sunny spots where you can soak up some vitamin D to get you through the rest of the year, and some of the best cities to visit in winter.





Let’s see a special selection of some amazing winter destinations


1. Austria



If you like the cold and are a fan of winter sports Austria is one of the best places to visit during winter. There are plenty of ski resorts for all skill levels.




If you are not an active type you can take a ride on the Alpine train or chill in a traditional chalet with a hot drink in your hand. Austria offers breathtaking views, glacier walks and beautiful snowy landscapes.




The top three most famous places are Solden and St. Anton am Arlberg for ski lovers and the beautiful medieval town of Kitzbuhel for non-skiers.


2. Prague



Prague is a great option for a city break, especially if you have limited time. In fact the city is one of the best holiday destinations for everyone who loves exploring culture and architecture.




With its traditional Christmas markets and Gothic architecture, Prague is full of history and tales. Although it is chilly in winter the walking tours are a good option if you want to see all the significant landmarks in the New and the Old Town.




End your day in one of the warm and cozy cafes enjoying the atmosphere of the city.


3. Iceland



If you do not mind the cold weather and you want to experience real winter, Iceland is your place. In February and March you can even catch sight of the Northern Lights.




This Nordic paradise with hot springs, clear waters, majestic glaciers and mountains, volcanic terrains and extreme Nature sights will take your breath away.




In Iceland you can stay in a cozy glass or ice igloo and watch the stars and the Northern Lights.




Glacier hiking is an option for those who love active adventures. Iceland is one best places to go during winter with plenty of natural wonders to enjoy.


4. Sydney



The best way to escape the winter is go where the summer is. Australia is where you can soak up some sun.






Sydney is one of the biggest cities and offers a lot to see and do. Here you can go surfing, hiking or just relax on the beach.


5. Barbados



The Caribbean island of Barbados is the best place to beat those winter blues. Whether you fly there or hop on a cruise ship, the island is totally worth it. There you will find some gorgeous beaches and tranquil botanical gardens; this island is an epitome of exotic luxury. The food is fresh and delicious the weather sunny and hot, the water clear, everything you might expect from a tropical paradise.




Pack your things and make the most of your holidays. We hope that by now you have some good ideas on what are some of the best places to go during winter.


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