8 Sound Which Every Traveler Needs To Hear


8 Sound Which Every Traveler Needs To Hear


Nature has given us many senses, thanks to which we know the environment around us and perceive our miracles. As some people go around the world to see certain tourist sites, so other than to see them, they want to hear the sounds around them, to feel the power of nature and to perceive multi-dimensional nature’s wonders.


1. The sound of mass prayer

The sound of mass prayer prayers dressed in orange robes


If you choose Turkey as a tourist destination, be sure to hear the prayers of the locals. Imagine that you are staying in a hotel in Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus and listen to the massive sound of the prayers of the people of the dawn. If you are fans of Eastern philosophy, visit one of the Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, where hundreds of believers in the same slaves pray.



2. The sound of howl of Wolf

The sound of howl of Wolf white wolf


If you hear the frigid Wolf howl, you will instantly realize that you are no longer in the urban jungle with blocks, and in the wildOne of the images that can make you run away is of a lone wolf standing on a high cliff, barking at the moon. This is one of the sounds that you’ll remember, although it is advisable to listen to it remotely, or from within the forest House or car.


3. The sound of breaking ice block

Many of us have heard the pop and squeak of the ice cubes in a glass of drink, but few were seen breaking pieces of a huge glacier. The unique rumble that can be heard over deep water resembles a blast is one of the most amazing sounds that can never be forgotten. You can embark on journey to the Arctic or Antarctica to observe the endless expanseof water, dripping with blocks of ice and icebergs, wherever you look.

4. The sound of the migratory bats

migratory bats on sunset


These nocturnal creatures are something of a mystery, which is wrapped by the fascination and mystic. These creatures will scare you or make you smile with their furry like rats with leather wings kind. Seeing and hearing them must become early at dawn. You will orientate in high squeals and a sound that is similar to the screeching of bats that make their way back to their nests.

5. The sound of an active volcano

active volcano man sealing on kayak among lava


There is hardly any person who is not impressed by the powerful rumble and thunder of the volcanoes, which reveal the power of nature. There are many active volcanoes in the world, where you can witness these amazing phenomena. In some parts of the world you have the opportunity to stand on the edge of the volcanic crater, and to look down on its burning maw and walk over the lava by helicopter.

6. The sound of cicadas playing


Nothing creates such a summer mood as the melodic sounds of cicadas that mimic the sound of a glider. When the cicadas begin to buzz early in the morning that means that the day is going to be hot. The hum can be incredibly strong, sometimes up to 120 decibels when the male specimens “talk” with their feminine and courting among the leaves on the lawn.

7. The sound of a screaming Baboon



The intensity of the sound, with which baboon, especially if he is a male, communicate, can be an exciting experience. Note however that you can witness some really horrible sounds. The roar of the male baboon, its commands, threats and warnings for other males are an amazing sound that cannot be described. Be sure to hear the sounds of those primates, for example with a trip to Africa or Arabia.

8. The sound of thunderous waterfall

Skogafoss-Iceland-waterfall  The sound of thunderous waterfall


If you stand next to a turbulent waterfall you will hear the incredible sounds of falling into the abyss tons of water. The waterfalls are magic for all senses, as millions of water form a translucent haze, refract sunlight into a rainbow and cool the skin. The noise of the largest waterfalls in the world is deafening thunder, on which you can enjoy in nearly every point on the planet, except in the desert and the northern parts of the land where the water is almost entirely frozen.


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