15 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

15 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

According to the CDC, there were 2,015,603 marriages in 2019. The marriage rate at the time was 6.1 per 1,000 people.

Are any of your friends or family one of the millions of couples who’s gotten married recently and celebrating an anniversary soon? You might be searching for some anniversary gift ideas so you can get them the perfect gift.

This guide will offer some inspirational ideas to help you out. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Personalized Jewelry

When searching for the perfect anniversary gift for your favorite couple, consider ordering customized jewelry. You can choose to buy matching engraved necklaces or bracelets with the couple’s initials or wedding date.

Make sure you choose their favorite metal and their birthstone or favorite gem. If the couple prefers more subtle jewelry you can also choose wooden jewelry pieces.

If each person has different jewelry tastes you can choose different pieces for each. A customized necklace for one partner and an intricately designed watch for the other.

2. A Star in Their Name

If you’re looking to blow your favorite couple out of this world with their anniversary gift you can name a star after them. This is a fairly easy process when you contact the International Star Registry.


You’ll receive an official certificate from the registry and directions on how to locate the star in the night sky. This is a great anniversary gift for couples that love spending time outdoors together or those who are in the science field.

3. Map Art

Next on the list of anniversary gifts for couples is map art. If you know important locations in your favorite couple’s life then you can gift them specifically designed map art for their anniversary.

Choose a few different locations including where they first met, where the proposal happened, or where they got married. Maps of these locations will be turned into print art that the couple can hang on their wall.

They’ll love this beautiful tribute you gave them for their wedding anniversary.

4. A Delicious Charcuterie Board

While it seems simple, a charcuterie board is a great gift to celebrate an anniversary. You can make the board yourself if you have the presentation skills or you can hire a company that specializes in making intricate boards with whatever delicacies you ask for.

Cheese and crackers are the common food items you’ll find on a charcuterie board but you can request to add the couple’s favorite deli meats, vegetables, and spreads. Deliver the charcuterie board to them so they can enjoy a lovely picnic in the park.

5. A Bouquet

Everyone loves flowers, especially as an anniversary gift. Flowers add beauty and fragrance to any room. They’re also a great way of telling someone you’re thinking of them.

While roses are a universal symbol of love, you can get creative with the array of flowers you gift your favorite couple. Have the florist put together an arrangement of the couple’s favorite flowers and have them delivered to their door.

If you don’t want the bouquet to look too chaotic you can choose each partner’s favorite flower and ask for an arrangement of those two flowers to be put together.

6. A New Set of Silverware

This anniversary gift is a great choice whether it’s for a newly married couple or one who’s been together for 20 years. You can get creative with this gift as well.

The dinnerware can be in different colors depending on the couple’s tastes. You can also choose to gift them utensils for the grill if this is their preferred cooking method.

Vintage-style butter knives are great for the couple who love decorating their home with unique finds. A rainbow-colored dinnerware set could be the perfect gift for a couple that’s more eccentric with their decor.

7. A Portrait of the Beautiful Couple

Other anniversary gift ideas for couples include ordering a custom portrait. The portrait style you choose will depend on the personality of your favorite couple.

Is the couple extra goofy when they’re together? An animated cartoon portrait with their dogs might fit them best.

Has the couple matured over their years together? You might consider choosing a more realistic portrait for them.

The great thing is that the couple doesn’t have to be present to get the portrait completed. As long as you send a quality photo to the artist you should be able to get a portrait they’ll love.

8. Handbags or Luggage

Your loved one might have an extensive collection of handbags at home so they’ll love receiving a new one as an anniversary gift. You can change things up and find a beautiful travel pouch or makeup bag. This gift serves a function while looking pretty with their collection too.

Luxury luggage is another wonderful anniversary gift. Manifest travel into your favorite couple’s life with a new luggage set.

9. Chocolates or Fruits

The best anniversary gifts are often the simplest ones. Give your friends a box of chocolates they can enjoy after their anniversary dinner.

Chocolates with nuts, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, ones filled with caramel, and buttercream chocolates are just a few examples of the array you can find in a good box of chocolates.

If your friends aren’t a couple that loves eating chocolate you can choose to send them a fruit basket. The great thing is that the fruit is often cut out into cute shapes and arranged like a bouquet.

10. Plan a Trip for the Happy Couple

You can also consider booking a vacation for your favorite couple. Whether it’s your parents or sister and her husband, they deserve some time away from their responsibilities to celebrate their next anniversary.

The couple will be thrilled to know they’ll get to spend some time in a new place, enjoying wonderful weather, and delicious food. Book a reservation for them in your timeshare but do some research on the HGVC guest certificate fees first.

11. New Furniture

A new piece of furniture could make an amazing anniversary gift. Are your friends the type of couple that collects unique pieces? Consider a bar in the shape of a barrel.

Do your parents love collecting antique furniture? You can find an antique pantry at a local consignment store they can add to their kitchen.

Even a new armchair or coffee table makes a great anniversary gift for your favorite couple.

12. A Delicious Bottle of Wine

The next item on the list of thoughtful anniversary gifts is a new bottle of wine. While you can pick up any bottle of wine at the store without giving it much thought, wine as an anniversary gift considers more consideration.

If the couple loves drinking a glass of wine after dinner on occasion, you’ll have to find something new to surprise them with. A new bottle of red wine will pair great with their anniversary dinner. You can even consider gifting them a wine subscription so they can continue trying new kinds of wine.

13. Camping Gear

For the adventurous friend in your life and their partner, you should think about getting them new camping gear for their anniversary. A comfy sleeping bag, a larger tent, binoculars for bird watching, or a telescope for finding constellations are all great gift ideas your friends can use during their next camping trip.

14. Spa Items

Some spa items for a relaxing anniversary spent at home are another wonderful anniversary gift idea. If your favorite couple is more homebody than outdoor explorers, they’ll love a gift that lets them enjoy some downtime in the comfort of their own homes.

Some bath salts to add to a warm bath, soft robes, and exfoliating lotions are a few items you can give as an anniversary gift. You can also order a gift basket that comes with an array of items that can last through many uses for the much-needed days of self-care.

15. Matching Aprons

Other sentimental anniversary gifts can include matching aprons. You can choose Mr. and Mrs. or aprons customized with the couple’s first names.

This is a great gift for the couple that loves cooking together. You’ll encourage more quality time between them while they cook some of their favorite recipes for each other or their friends and family.

They’ll be touched to receive a gift that captures their love for cooking so well.

Check Out These Anniversary Gift Ideas

Hopefully, this guide of anniversary gift ideas offered some inspiration for your next gift. You can book your favorite couple the trip of a lifetime or order a customized portrait they’ll love displaying in their living room.

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