Top Reasons Why Regular Drain Cleaning Is Important

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Imagine what goes your drainage system every day. When taking a shower, dirt, soap, and hair make their way through the plumbing system. When washing dishes, food particles, grease, etc., go wash down the drain. If you do not clean the sink and shower drain, the accumulation of various things can eventually damage the pipes and sewage lines. One way to prevent potential problems is to clear your drains properly, which can also help extend the life of your plumbing system. You may also consult with the experts, for example, calling the local Super Drains company and ask for their assistance and advice.


When Do You Need To Drain Cleaning Maintenance?

Keeping your drains clean, clog- and odour-free is a crucial part of home maintenance. Several factors determine how often you should clean the drains, such as the household size and how much the family uses the drain. For a small household, cleaning whenever necessary is ideal, while a bigger household would need to perform drain cleaning more often. In general, it is recommended to have yearly maintenance.

Here are some of the benefits of taking care of your drain pipes.


Prevent leaks and increase drain life


The accumulation of chemical deposits inside the pipes can cause corrosion. If you clean the drain pipes routinely, you can prevent such problems that cause leaks. This also improves the life of the existing life. There is no need to gut your home to replace all the drain pipes, burning a hole in your wallet.


Get rid of foul odours

Neglecting to clean your drain can cause bacteria and mould buildup, which release unpleasant smell around your house. Mould spores thrive in a damp and dark environment, and your drains at home are the ideal place for them. Using water to wash away the spores may not always be effective. What you need to do is give the drain a thorough cleaning to eliminate mould spores and stop microorganisms from setting in. A clean drainage system, particularly in the bathroom area, will hinder foul-smelling mould from building up and thriving.


Prevent damage to the property

You have a bad situation if you have water damage in your clean drain pipe. However, you have a more destructive scenario if the damage is inside a drain full of wastewater. This is because the wastewater comes with bacteria and harmful chemicals. It is unsanitary and may cause discolouration to your walls or floorings by the leaks in the pipes. When you clean your sewer and clear out drains regularly, you can prevent this problem from occurring.


More efficient and faster drainage

The most noticeable advantage of cleaning the drains is that they work faster than before. If you see that your sink is emptying quite slowly, then a drain cleaning is necessary. A clean drain in the kitchen and other water fixtures will prevent overflowing or the development of standing water. It is more necessary to keep the drain pipes in your toilet clear so that you can stop a backflow problem.


For the best drainage system, make sure to perform performance checks every month on your drains, as well as having a professional plumbing inspection, such as from Super Drains, at least once a year. By taking these preventive measures, you can reduce the clogs, or catch them early on before they turn into more severe and expensive concerns.


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