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Street Food – the Food of the Modern Generation

Street Food Market



In the digital-first era, many young people prefer different types of street food because it is fast, easy and delicious. The modern generation thinks about food as something that engages the senses and has a social element too. Grabbing something from the street however, makes things much faster, convenient and effortless and we are all about it.




Street food is an interesting phenomenon with growing popularity. There is the Paris street food, the Chinese food market street and so many other street food examples which have become favorite places for all kinds of people from different countries. Asia is famous for some of the best street food markets in the world and often they are visited as a sight alongside national museums and temples.





Street food is turning into a culture which has its positives and negatives. One of the big advantages of it is that some traditional recipes and foods are being preserved that way. On the other hand with the growing concerns about healthy ingredients and allergens like gluten and lactose, less sugar and fat, street food is not always the healthiest option.




The new generations love diversity which means that tastes are likely to grow broader and more inclusive. This means dishes from many different culinary traditions, including modern and old recipes. Most young people are always on the go, they are the nomad type, which makes street food the ideal way to taste something new, while travelling around.




The low price of street food is another factor which draws people to it.

Instead of spending a lot of money in fancy restaurants, many young people travelling the world, would like to taste the local, authentic cuisine without spending much. The more affordable options are preferred.


Of course restaurants are still a good option for special occasions like dates or going out with friends. The changing taste of different generations offers a chance for chefs and cooks around the world to focus on experimenting. Blending different cuisines, offering individual recipes and presenting them in new, exciting ways.




Street food embraces diversity in its whole. Places like India, China, and Thailand offer so many different types of food. It has become one of the things these countries are famous for attracting visitors from all over the world.




With all that said it is no surprise that food on streets is becoming a culture. Therefore it is growing in popularity especially among young people. We are curious to see how street culture will evolve and if it will become more inclusive for older generations too.


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