Most Unusual Museums

Underwater Museum in Cancun man watching tv sclupture

Who says that museums must necessarily be boring? Around the world there are many museums, for which one hardly suggests that there may be. But strange as it may seem, they certainly provide information on various unconventional topics.

The Bunny Museum

The bunny museum front bunny bush


Located in Pasadena, California and has opened its doors in 1998. The museum is dedicated to rabbits and contains over 28,000 themed exhibits. The slogan of the museum says “The most frisky in the world.”


Pasadena Bunny Museum front bunnies and flowers




Its collection includes ceramic bunnies jars decorated bunnies etc., And huge topiary in the shape of a rabbit on the front lawn. The museum holds the Guinness record for possession of most exhibits associated with rabbits.


Museum of enduring beauty

Museum of enduring beauty in Malacca 1


Museum of lasting beauty is located in Malacca, Malaysia. It shows how different cultures perceive beauty and sacrifice passing through rituals of extremes to become more beautiful.


Museum of enduring beauty in Malacca


Whether it comes to stretching the neck, plates in the lower lip or tying feet in tight shoes, you have to be prepared for striking cultural differences, which will see in the museum.

Underwater Museum in Cancun

Underwater Museum in Cancun man watching tv sculpture


If you wish to look at the underwater museum, then you should definitely visit the Underwater Museum in Cancun, Mexico.


Underwater Museum in Cancun car


His collection includes 500 sculptures, divided into three different galleries, which are between 3 and 6 meters underwater.


Underwater Museum in Cancun woman


All sculptures in the museum are created by marine concrete with a neutral pH.


Underwater Museum in Cancun


Underwater Museum in Cancun man

Museum of Mathematics

Math Museum in New York


Museum of mathematics is designed for all fans of mathematics, but not only. Founded in 2009 in New York.


Museum of Mathematics


What distinguishes it from other museums around the world, is the interactive approach to visitors.




The aim of the museum is the public begin to accept and understand mathematics better.


Gallery of mini bottles

Gallery of mini bottles Oslo


The bottle comprises a container in which is stored a variety of liquids such as water, alcohol, milk, fruit juices, ketchup, shampoos.


Gallery of mini bottles in Oslo


It is definitely not something you would think that there is much of a story. Gallery mini bottles in Oslo shows that this is not so.


Gallery of mini bottles inside


It has bottles from around the world which come in different shapes, sizes and colors and are used for different purposes.


International Museum and Research Center for UFO

International Museum and Research Center for UFO New Mexico


International Museum and Research Center for UFO was founded in 1991 by Glenn Dennis is located in Roswell, New Mexico. The museum is dedicated to the cases that have been seen unidentified flying objects.


International Museum and Research Center for UFO


The place is suitable for all people who believe that UFO is neither a joke nor a myth.


Museum of bad art

Museum of Bad Art  Mona Lisa


Museum of bad art is located in Massachusetts and was founded in 1994. It is dedicated to the art of artists, not shown or appreciated elsewhere.


Museum of Bad Art dog Painting museums


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