Most Interesting Places To Swim

Snorkeling Jellyfish Lake
Imagine swimming along one of the largest waterfalls in the world, to carry in water from hundreds of jellyfish, or in a place where every movement in the water leaves a neon sign. Here are some of the most interesting places, where you can swim.

1. The Devil‘s pool, Zambia

most interesting places to swim The Devil's pool, Zambia


The Devil's pool, Zambia most interesting places to swim


Only a stone barrier protects the brave people, who dare to swim here, falling nearly 100 feet in one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Devil’s pool is just as popular destination as Victoria falls. Although it is possible for a person to be in complete safety here there are also deaths.


2. The River Yuba, California

The River Yuba, California most interesting places to swim 2



With lovely views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the large number of stones, suitable for jumping from them in the water and waterfalls, the river Yuba is an amazing place for swimming. There’s another thing that makes this river special, and it is the presence of gold in her water.





It probably won’t make you rich, but you can find some gold flakes just like sand on the bottom.


3. Bio Bay Puerto Rico (Bioluminescent Bay)

Bio Bay Puerto Rico (Bioluminescent Bay) most interesting places to swim


best places to swim Bio Bay Puerto Rico (Bioluminescent Bay)


Bioluminescent Bay, also known as the bio Bay, is probably the largest and the most blessed place for swimming of this kind. In the dark, any movement in the water leaves behind neon blue sign.


4. Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Snorkeling Jellyfish Lake


If you make a trip to neobitaemiâ island in Palau, Little Ellie will find a breathtaking view: freshwater lake, which is teeming with two saw jellyfish! It‘s called the Lake of jellyfish (Jellyfish Lake).


Jellyfish Lake, Palau best places to swim 2


Tourists are allowed to swim with snorkel there (and not to dive with diving suit). Jellyfish are not dangerous to humans, as their knidociti (poison cells equipped with something like darts, which is disposed against the opponent) are very small. This is probably because the Lake has lost its connection to the ocean and the jellyfish here have no natural enemies.


5. The crater lake, Oregon

The crater lake, Oregon best places to swim


Although a small part of the Lake is suitable for swimming, the amazing landscape around compensate for this. Crater is regarded as the cleanest Lake in the world, and in the deepest part of the water is impressive depth of 594 meters.


The crater lake, Oregon most interesting places to swim


It‘s an amazing legacy of the eruptive history of Mount Mazama. It rises to 3600 metres altitude and one of its eruptions is collapsing (about 7700 years ago), forming a crater lake.


6. Dead Sea, Israel



Here, you won’t even be necessary to swim, since you can simply carry on the surface because of the high salinity of the water.


most interesting places to swim Dead Sea, Israel


In fact, it is not possible to soak in the waters of the dead sea, and swimming here is quite a difficult task.


7. The Potomac River (South Branch), West Virginia

The Potomac River (South Branch), West Virginia most interesting places to swim


It would be great if we could just go with the flow of a river and then in a magical way to get back to where we’re going.


The Potomac River (South Branch), West Virginia most interesing places to swim 2


Do you think this is impossible outside the Aqua Park because nature simply does not work that way. Here, however, a surprise awaits you!


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