Hoia Baciu – The Mysterious Forest

forest Romania Hoia Baciu hoia-forest-the-5-freakiest-places-on-earth Transylvania Bermuda Triangle



Do you have the courage to dive deep within the Woods, which for decades people tell scary stories and hundreds of witnesses were various anomalies? This is the forest in Romania Hoia Baciu. Veiled in mysticism, it is a place where local categorically refuse to tread when darkness falls.

Hoya is a mysterious forest Baciu locality, not far from the city of Cluj-napoca and famous for being haunted by ghosts. Today it is spoken of as the “Bermuda triangle of Transylvania”. The location of the forest also like is no accident. Transylvania area immediately calls to mind associations with Count Dracula.





Hoia Baciu forest carries the reputation of a country with a strong paranormal activity and a host of unexplained events. There are reports of ghosts, mysterious phenomena, for images and persons appearing in photographs that were not visible to the naked eye, and in 1970, even UFOs.


forest Romania Hoia Baciu hoia-forest-the-5-freakiest-places-on-earth Transylvania Bermuda Triangle


Those who have dared to tread in the Woods, share a strong anxiety and feel that they have been continuously monitored by someone or something. Vegetation is also strange. Trees have an unusual shape, and more – gruesome and branches have inexplicably char marks.

Hoia Baciu is named after the shepherd that disappeared along with his flock of 200 sheep. Most people who live in the vicinity are afraid to enter the forest because they believe that the stories and legends that are worn for it are true. They believe that if they step out there they will never to return home. Many locals who have been brave enough to enter the Hoia Baciu, complain of physical injuries, migraines, nausea, rashes, burns, depression and other abnormal sensations. Electronic devices cease to function or be reported malfunctions. Some researchers of the paranormal explain this with the presence of strong supernatural energy.


Discovering Hoia Baciu Forest Romania hoia-baciu-project-vineri


The dense forest made way back in 1960, when the biologist Alexandru Sift with his camera captures amazing images of flying disc-shaped object hovering in the sky over the forest. On the 18th of August 1968 military technician Emil Barnea also manages to photograph the extraordinary flying object. Later, in the 1970s, again in the area are seen unexplained lights and new assumptions about the UFO visits.


Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania sunrise mist foxy Romania


Hoia Baciu – most haunted haunted forest in the world – is famous for its numerous unexplainable events occurring within its territory among the most well-known phenomena are suddenly emerging mysterious orbs of light and female voices, coming from nowhere. All these things happen without a reasonable explanation.




Some people believe that the forest is a gateway to another dimension. In the dark, impassable inside of Hoia Baciu a lot of people have been disappeared and seen strange lights, and the wind seemed to speak. There are stories that people who entered the woods and had the good fortune to come out, have no clear memory of what happened. One such story tells of a 5-year-old girl who’s lost in the Hoia Baciu and appeared five years later, unharmed, dressed in the same clothes that brought on the day of her disappearance, with no memory of what has been through in this time period.


Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania Mist In the air


According to another story associated with strange paranormal phenomena in the woods, documented and investigated during the past 50 years, it is haunted by the ghosts of Romanian peasants, killed here. It is believed that their tormented people are locked into a trap in the woods and unexplained events are caused by their anger. Terrified tourists say they get a glimpse of their ghostly faces glowing with bright eyes and wrapped in a black fog.

The mysterious forest Hoia Baciu is becoming increasingly known for its unexplained phenomena and became one of the most mystical places not only in Transylvania, but also of the world. There’s no way to say for sure what’s fact and what’s not. If you are feeling brave enough, look for the truth in the Hoia Baciu.




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