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Avalon, England avalon green hill knights arthur famous tourist destination

When we look at the world map we see names that immediately create in our imaginary pictures of how it looks like this famous place. Around the world there are places that will always envelope in mysticism and legends. Some of them are really existed, and for others we can only guess. Check out some interesting destinations.


Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania ocean blue water holiday villas cruises





The name Zanzibar recreates instantly to mind a picture of the tales of a thousand and one nights but in this case, these pictures are real and the city is flourishing between the XII and XV century. When the main activity is trading with slaves, gold, ivory, as goods are transported by ship to Arabia. The Sultan of Oman moved his palace in the city, along with its suite, and made a plantation of the famous spice – carnation. Much time has passed since then, but in this part of Africa you can still feel the Arabic influence and the aroma of this sweet spice.


El Dorado, Colombia





Shrouded by dense crowns of trees and lianas, deep in the Amazon jungle, shining city of gold. Or so recounting the legends. The Spanish conquistadores were trying to find it, since arriving on the American continent. They begin to seek from the Andes, then searched the forests of Peru, Venezuela and Guyana, but so far no one has found it for sure. If the city ever existed, it was probably hidden somewhere in the jungle was impassable or destroyed by treasure hunters.


Ijs, France



According to legend, the Celtic King Gradlon builds a city by the sea at the request of his daughter, Princess Dahut. When the city becomes large dams were erected around it to protect it from waves. The only way in was a thick brass door and key for it had only a King. The princess spent every night with different men who she killed in the morning and emptied through the wall. Demon managed to outwit the princess as making her steal the key and open the door. So there was nothing to stop the ocean for a moment the city was flooded. All its inhabitants perished except the King himself. The city today, at least according to the French, is located in the Duarnene Bay, which is a popular tourist centre in the province of Brittany.


Carthage, Tunisia





Carthage was a city-state that leads many wars with Rome during the III century BC. Led by his military commander named Hannibal. It is famous for its test fleet in the Mediterranean, with trained troops from battle-armed elephant. Although it is called the shining city, it failed to hold the Roman troops, who seized and destroyed it to the ground, and then build it again. Today in this part of Tunisia, you can see the ruins of the Roman buildings.


Timbuktu, Mali




The city has earned the reputation of a starting and ending point of the trade route that connects the western part of Africa with the Mediterranean Sea. To reach Timbuktu, as people have traveled once upon a time, you need to go through the Sahara with a camel caravan, as during the long journey there will be sand storms and incredible heat. Usually there are Tuareg nomads that passes there. The Mythic of this wonderful city is long in the past. Mali’s treasures and famous mosques, in the XV century, are almost gone nowadays.


Avalon, England

Avalon, England avalon green hill knights arthur famous tourist destination


King Arthur, Knights around the roundtable, castles, dragons, the charmed ones and magical swords are the fundamentals we imagine when we hear about Avalon. The legend of the city is so bright, it has spread in many parts of the world. Today, over the area in which it is believed that there is a mythical city, is located the town of Glastonbury. True to its mystical roots, it attracts tourists who come to buy/to immerse themselves in the atmosphere.


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